Toronto Raptors Ban Meek Mill’s Music From Arena

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Meek Mill

Toronto Raptors ban Meek Mill

Meek Mill’s beef with Drake has not won him many friends in Drake’s home city of Toronto, and that extends to the city’s basketball team.

Toronto Raptors ban Meek Mill
Toronto Raptors ban Meek Mill

According to players of the Toronto Raptors, Meek Mill’s music is not allowed in any of the game-day playlists.

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“Oh yeah, Meek Mill has been banned for a long time,” said forward Patrick Patterson. “No one plays Meek Mill.”

The players had high praise for Drake, whose involvement with the team has boosted the team’s image and fan base.

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“We all know that there are a lot of Drake fans across the world and there might not be too many Raptors fans from Toronto that converted from Drake, but it might happen elsewhere,” Patterson said.

Forward James Johnson added: “Jay Z did the same with the Brooklyn Nets but Drake is such a mogul that it definitely boosted the Raptors and more kids are now probably playing 2K16 with the Raptors because of him!”



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