ThrowBack Thursday: Ten Heartbreak Songs You Can Relate With

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Oh those were the days. Those years long gone where you begged and pleaded and even became a fool to a babe. Or guy.

There are three kinds of people, those who believe in Love, those who don’t and those who Love believes in. And then there are those not defined. My kind and I fall here. We have not been broken before. They come, We love, They go, We cry, We move on.


Most of us have cried for every babe or guy we’ve loved which means we can decide if we want cry again or nah.

Still, with the tears, we had songs to walk us through. These tracks (spanning across years) relate with different generations and there’s a piece for every one. We always had them on repeat on our iPod and we only let it go when it needs charging or just to take a shower when everyone’s complaining we stink. We are just too depressed to take a bath. Who cared. We were heartbroken. Lol.

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In no particular order, here are Ten Heart break songs you can relate with. You will be able to connect with at least one.

Shontelle – T Shirt, trying to decide, trying to decide, if I really wanna go out tonight. shontelle

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball, I have never been hit so hard with love. miley-tile

Lil Wayne – Drop The World Ft Eminem, For those who got over heartbreak the gangster way. 


Taylor Swift – We are never ever getting back together, Never. 

brand new-tile

2face Idibia – Rainbow, Ever since I left you I’ve been to hell and I’m back. This can’t be a complete list without Tuface Idibia’s, Rainbow.


Usher – Burn, It’s better for me to let it go now. I gotta let it burn. 


Adele is here – Set Fire To The Rain 


Sam Smith – Stay with me, oh won’t you stay with me, cause your all I need.


Nicki Minaj – Pills and Potions, we are overdosing, I’m angry but I still love you.


Beyonce – If I was A Boy, even just for a day, I’d roll out of bed in the morning, just throw on what I wanted and go.





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