The 6 Things You Need To Be a ‘Classic Man ‘Like RnB Singer Jidenna

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I knew Jidenna had come through when The Game went all ‘classic man” on Halloween.

The Nigerian born singer signed to Janalle Monae Wonda Records broke through the main stream with the release of his song “Classic Man” in April.

For his fans, Jidenna’s brand goes far beyond his music. His brand is perceived as a totality of his nomadic stories, his music, and his style. Jidenna is a social rebel, a fashion renegade who thought to come out with something so iconic nobody saw it coming. At first his style was seen as ludicrous and too old school, a costume for the video of his hit song.

Now that’s what popular culture always does, it tries to suck you into its expansive expectations. It always tries to belittle you when you reject it by choosing your own style. Jidenna has beaten Pop culture and created his own appeal to a vast audience that has fallen in love with him.

With his battle over Pop Culture won, everyone now wants to be him. Dress like him, talk like him, and strut about with a cane like him.

Now i knew Jidenna had come through when The Game went all ‘classic man” on Halloween.  He came out all dressed like Jidenna and got it totally right. I saw this as a big endorsement for the brand that has come to stay.

Jidenna has admitted that his dress sense was inspired by his Nigerian dad, Malcolm X and Ozwald Boateng.

We have picked out 5 things you could do to be a Classic Man like Jidenna;


Atlantic Records BET Awards After-Party

A cane is not just for disability purpose only, a cane signified dignity and a sense of knowledge. These canes come in a variety of style and design. These days canes can be hidden weapons as a sword is unveiled when unsheathed!  Some are magical as they suddenly reveal an umbrella when it starts rains! Back in the day, every gentleman had one. It gave you extra legs when you walk and the tap sound it made when it hit the cobblestone made everyone know you were coming.



I am not talking Gucci here.  I’m not talking Armani suits either. I’m talking bespoke suit made tailor made just for your wearing pleasure. Armed with the other accessories mentioned, you are a Classic Man!  



Guys from a popular church denomination do this already, except the beards of course.  So I assume your hair and your beards are long enough, now take a trip to your hair stylist, pop up Jidenna’s image from your phone and tell him to give you that look! Don’t forget the path on the left side though!  



Jidenna has made the Ankara tie very iconic. The musician has turned the African print into a hot fashion item. Rihanna was seen strutting about in an Ankara gown last month in New York. Still want to be a Classic Man? Get the African Print tie. The noisier the better.  A combination of black, blue, yellow and red in cracked patterns always come out nice when worn on a black suit. Do keep the shirt white though.

No Tattoos!

no tattoo

Jidenna is completely tattoo-less. A testament to his strict conservative upbringing. Any father who can raise a son who lives his live dressing up like him did a damn good job. You have to admit that truth with me.

Be a Perfect Gentleman


I am not an advocate against tattoos, let’s be focus here. The deal is to make you the perfect gentleman. A Classic Man like Jidenna. So you are not just expected to stay sharp, you are expected to be a gentleman with manners. A knight in shining armor, for the ladies, who also knows how to mind his business.




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