Ten Weekend Fashion Styles For The Suave Man

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Keep it classy,  casual with these Ten Weekend Fashion Styles For The Suave Man:

Men Dress Shirt, Skinny Jean or Pant, Vest, Dress Shoe, Accessories, and Head Cover


Sweatshirt, Ripped Denim, Sneakers and Accessories


Body-fitting Dress Shirt and Shaders Glasses and Trousers. Pair with Dress Shoe or Sneakers. 


Unbottoned Dress Shirt, Inner Vest or T-Shirt, Denim and Sneakers. Pair with cap or hat. 


On the plus side, Shorts, Dress T-Shirt, Sneakers and Head Cover slays it every time. 


The importance of a Weekend Bag can not be over-emphasized. 


Still on the plus-size, Dress Pant and Denim Jacket, Dress Shoe or Sneakers, and a Cap is a look worth trying. 


Stay stylishly elegant in Mismatched Pant and Jacket Suit, Dress Shirt, Hat, Dress Shoe, and Man Bag. 


You’ll Definitely Slay With this Patterned Shorts, Plain Buttton Tee, Sneakers and Man Purse. And the shades too. 


If you’re a muscled man then this look will work well with you. Plain Pants, Tucked in Dress Shirt or Buttoned Tee and Dress Shoe. Add the man bag as a personal choice. 








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