How To Tell If She Likes You From Her Body Language

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Telling if a girl likes you from her body language shouldn’t be as complicated as we make it out to be. The fact however is that men and women tend to communicate their feelings in different ways which may cause miscommunication. Women have a wide array of emotional and physical ways through which they show they are attracted to men. Their methods entail showing subtle interest without giving away too much. For instance:
She Absent-mindedly Plays With Her Hair

This sounds strange, doesn’t it? Women send a lot of subtle messages through their hair. Any woman interested in you will touch their hair a lot in an attempt to adjust the rows, position or to just play with it when they are close to you. This action usually occurs subconsciously and it’s usually in an attempt to look perfect. Just keep in mind that if she continually messes with her hair when in your presence, it is certain she’s attracted to you.

She Sexually Touches And Bites Her Lips

One thing you must know is that women are well versed at sharing their thoughts without saying anything. As such, one of the communication tools of women are their lips which can be employed in flirting. If she touches or bites her lips to your notice, it is likely to provoke the thoughts of kissing you and that is exactly what she wants!


Her Body Is Facing You

When she stands or sits facing you, she’s subconsciously inviting you to listen to her. If you’re having a general conversation, this can appear normal but with certain women, it may be an indication of attraction.
The critical signs are if she faces you when talking and when her feet and toes are pointing towards you. She’s unconsciously showing you that she doesn’t want to be somewhere else, neither is she ignoring you.

She Looks At You With Dim Eyes

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. It is perhaps the most subtle body language. Pay attention to her pupils and you’re likely to discover everything you should know about the way she feels for you. The way women look can reflect their emotional status such as sadness, joy, fear or even attraction to someone or something. If she’s attracted to you, she would make effort to be more eye contact while trying to take her eyes away when you catch her in the act. This act will usually be followed with a smile. The best thing for you to do if you think she’s staring at you with dilated pupils is to comment on how sexy or beautiful her eyes look. She’d appreciate and draw closer to you with the compliment.

She Always Wants To Be With You

One critical body language that shows she’s attracted to you is the fact that she will always be willing to walk up to you no matter the number of people in the room. You’re always the first person she’s in the lookout for which probably means she was thinking about you before she walks into the room!

She Mistakenly Touches You

Maintaining physical contact is one of the commonest ways through which women express their interest in you. It could be through a playful punch or a quick brush of their body against yours, whichever it is, it means a lot to women.
It simply means by wanting to touch you, they are flirting subtly with you. Pay attention to how close she stands to you, if she squeezes your arms when you make her laugh or when she’s greeting you. If she does all these three things, she definitely likes you.

She Laughs At Every Of Your Attempt At Humour

It’s normal for guys that are interested in a girl to make attempts at cracking jokes, to make her smile and laugh.It is also completely normal for women to react to the jokes of the men they like. If she laughs at your humour even  when you knows it’s dry, then she’s probably into you. The intention of the joke whether good or poor is to make anyone smile and when someone laughs in response, there’s something more in there.



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