#TECNOOwnTheStage : Do Vocals Really Matter In Karaoke?

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The #TECNOOwnTheStage competition which is nearing it’s tail end has brought a new edge to karaoke. Despite the fact that the show it’s a karaoke performance, the show has been reminiscent of good and wonderful performances from contestants that traverse Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya in the hope of winning the $25,000 grand prize and recording contract.

The show has however thrown up some controversies such as the importance of vocal dexterity in karaoke performances. The rules of karaoke include not choosing a song longer than five minutes, choosing a song people know and not messing up with the pitch of the song.

Other rules as stated by the three judges; MI, Bien and Yemi Alade include watching the teleprompter that scrolls the lyrics of the songs, making good use of the stage and paying attention to their vocals and melody of the song. These rules seemed to have been followed in the elimination of contestants of the #TECNOOwnTheStage karaoke competition.

But at the beginning of the competition, some of the contestants that seemed to have good vocal dexterity seemed to have been kicked off the competition. Two contestants that readily come to mind are the Kenyan, Yubu and the Nigerian Tosin. Both contestants seemed to have good vocal strength but had to unfortunately leave the competition at an early stage. This brings to the fore the question of whether vocal strength is all that matters in karaoke competitions.

The judges on their part have always said what makes a good karaoke singer includes the vocal depth, good stage craft and ability to get the audience enthralled with their performances. As much as vocals do matter in performances, a whole lot of other factors determine if a karaoke performance will be adjudged as the best by the judges.

In truth, the audience will likely be enthralled by the vocal strength of contestants but judges are likely to see more than that. This is perhaps what differentiates your routine karaoke nights at the local karaoke bar and the #TECNOOwnTheStage karaoke competition. The latter is done after a couple of alcoholic drinks while the former is as serious as it gets.

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