#TECNOOwnTheStage Episode 8: New Year Sees The End Of The Road For 3 Contestants

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The new year saw the eighth episode of #TECNOOwnTheStage karaoke competition air with the contestants smarting off the celebrations of the previous week. They were saddled with the responsibility of singing the songs of some of the greatest bands that walked the musical world.

The duo of Uti Nwachukwu and Vimbai Mutinhiri were looking as handsome and beautiful as ever. They went straight to the business of the day by introducing the first performer in person of the Kenyan, Yubu who performed the song ‘Hotel California’ which was first released in 1976 by The Eagles. The judges didn’t however feel impressed by the performance as the trio of Bien, Yemi Alade and MI all gave negative remarks about Yubu’s performance saying they expected him to take more risks, especially with the $25,000 star prize money up for grabs.

The second performance of the day was by another Kenyan, Sikin who sang En Vogue’s ‘Don’t Let Go’. Her performance was followed by that of Ramar254 who sang Boyz II Men’s ‘End Of The Road’ to the delight of the audience and judges, particularly Yemi Alade Who couldn’t hide her excitement and love for the Kenyan’s performance. This was followed by that of the Tanzanian, Zooccu who performed the song by the Jamaican dance hall group T.O.K titled ‘Footprints’.

The fifth performer of the day was by Nandy who sang Destiny Child’s 2001 monster hit, ‘Survivor’. The Nigerian, Tosin took the stage next with who sang ‘My Love’ by West life. The performance was criticised by the judges as they described her performance as subdued. The stage was however lit up as the Kenyan, Mary Sang another Westlife’s song titled ‘You Raise Me Up’.

Pascal was next on stage and he sang Aerosmith’s 1997 hit ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ to the delight of the audience. Shapeera Makepeace continued her sensational outing in the #TECNOOwnTheStage competition as she gave a beautiful rendition of Boyz II Men’s 1994 hit, ‘Water Runs Dry’.

As usual after the performances, some contestants had to go home and after what seemed a long deliberation by the judges, Tosin, Yubu and Zooccu were evicted from the show. With their exit, only 6 contestants are left in the run for the $25,000 star prize.


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