Tammy Rivera In Waist Trainer Drama: It’s A Sad Day When Your Waist Is Being Questioned ?

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Waist Trainers also known as a waist cinchers are lifesavers for some women. Just wear it over your belly, buckle up and you have the hourglass shape you have ever wanted. The problem is, men are getting confused these days over what a woman’s shape should really look like.

Waka Flocka’s wife, Tammy Rivera just got lit on Instagram after she posted this photo of her very beautiful waist. As usual some showed their love and support but the hate was all the way from the States to Instagram…. One commenter even got a reply from her which sprouted another drama about “how you gon be replying haters but ignoring those who fux wichu”.

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She wrote and captioned,

Me on sat trying on outfits for the night, sending pics to my friends on group text like… (Which one y’all like?) lol I think every girl does this!#agentprovocateur dress

One fam couldn’t let it go, he just had to step in and have his say and Tammy came back for him like she was waiting for just one spiteful commenter to vent on.waisttrainerdrama-tile

@jondatboul_  Take that waist trainer off first ???

@jondatboul_  Shit obvious as hell.. Yo insides having a whole debate about the disrespect towards them with that waist trainer ma.

@charliesangelll   @jondatboul_ listen here lil bitch boy you might want to do your research my waist is and has always been a 24in now I know your girl back probably fat as hell but that’s not my problem..

Other thoughts on the waist drama include,

“U edit ur pic that’s not ur body look at how ur hips sitting in to different places or u just funny shape build”.

These girls and these waist trainers….  They do not work. Smh…  this is really unreal ??? it’s a sad day when your waist is questioned bc you don’t have “back fat” like she said smh. It’s like Eat right and get off your ass and YOU TOO can have a 24″ waist line! Bitter bitches link up ?….

A man that notices the sorcery is not gay. He was funny. She’s a evil lil thing.

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It’s up to you to decide if her bod is real or fake but here she is barely clad on a cover of Black Men Mag last November.tammy2-tile


That said, she has a fine REAL bod though. As a male, your point of view on the female body is so important therefore we would love to hear your thoughts (from a man) on women and waist trainers. Let me perk your mind with these question, Do the curves on a woman add or subtract from your attraction to her?



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