Solidstar Shares A Personal Selfie He Should Have Kept All To Himself

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Solid star decides to show the world his not so manly parts. This photo which was brought to my attention by a friend preceded a conversation about wearing bikinis and boxers or briefs when taking pictures for social media upload.

now some pple wuld pick up their most expendsive cheap phones to comment crap o, am waiting..

A photo posted by SOLIDSTAR JOSH INIYEZO (@officialsolidstar) on

This friend opined the lack in social dexterity to wear certain clothes meant for social media upload. He is of the opinion that if you are wearing bikinis or briefs to take pictures in a pool or beach environment, then that’s okay and acceptable seeing as that is the appropriate clothing for such places; but it’s just plain trashy to wear those pieces when taking pictures while in the comfort of your home.

Less than an hour after the conversation, Solid star uploaded this photo on Instagram and captioned it,

“now some people would pick up their most expensive cheap phones to comment crap o, am waiting.”

Trust Nigerians, the hate was blunt.

  • desmondchi1Wow brooo u brave too with net holes pant is or whatever dat ur own n u r on our own.
  • iam_barryblissMr. Expensive fone I wonder what u do perform. When dey call you for a show…wait do u even do music? Or ur just a bathroom photo model
  • im_dr.joeYou’ve to improve on your written English .. It’s expensive not expendsive
  • femzy_kanyeSo what’s this?? A crap nd u’ll get double.. Let’s start from hw u failed to spell.. What’s expendsive?? Mumu lyk u wey career don finish.. Y dnt u post b4 insultin ur fans..guy do u tink at all?? Omo ur star no solid again o.. Jst go into pure water production..#Gbam..#Hejstgotthecrap!
  • henrobaba1@officialsolidstar firstly, which school did you attend? It is expensive not expendsive, secondly, it is I’m waiting or I am waiting not am waiting. Go and learn English before posting trash with your cheap phone. Lols
  • kush_lekzy#lobatan ?? Egbon solidstar if you want some clothes come and collect it ?? and u need Holy Ghost +Fire back to back + 7 days dry fasting with hot slap @officialsolidstar ???
  • kvng.otBastard @officialsolidstar God punish you and your whole crew. You shall never make it. Igbotic bastard with L. Shit head ???. You Guy’s will throw a contest, we are gon struggle hard to win, waste mb, waste energy and time yet you guys would sly the winner. Oloshi olorubruku ??
  • moonik2_2Where’s d dick dat you’ll yawning about? All I see is bubble gum.
  • kvng.otBlock head ugly gay ass mother fucker


Whats your opinion, do you think it’s proper to upload such photos on social media without the proper setting or it’s cool? It’s your life anyway, and you are free to wear whatever you want to.



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