Sex Position Of The Week: Raunchy Rocker

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Raunchy due to it’s sensuality and Rocker as you both will rock your organs out. He gets naked, and grabs her lovingly. Parting his thighs as she lowers herself into him.


Difficulty Factor: ?? 

Erotic Factor: ?????

Suitable for any size or height and can be done in various moves.

Making sure she’s properly balanced, he grabs her butt, squeezing and feeling every smoothness of her skin. To get into it, you have to feel it, or at least fake it till you feel it.

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With eyes closed, she silently moans on every thrust, he smiles, lifting his mouth to hers, sucking every sigh of pleasure off her lips while holding her down on his groin so she’s grinding him.

Lifting her thighs, he has access to hold unto his penis as she bounces on him. His hand and penis enjoying the pleasure of her warmness, he grabs her, and lifts her legs apart so she’s holding unto the chair edges for balance. He begins thrusting slowly. This position allows him have ample view of her vagina and space to play with her clit all the time.

His mouth leaves hers to find her breasts and he goes in for a subtle suckle while feathering her clits. Groping with one hand, and feeling every move, she aches deeper, using one free hand to feel his penis as it goes in and out of her.

She lifts her feet from off the floor to an elevated position. He grabs her ankles as he inserts his penis back into her. With one hand around her neck and the other grasping her waist as it hits his torso. He leans in to continue sucking. Making each thrust deeper than the last one. She’s clinging for dear life.

Taking his entirety out of her, he reserves just the tip. Edging on with slow subtle thrust he rides her with her hands still on his entire shaft. She feels both breast buds with one hand as he leans closer to reclaim her breast again. Wrapping her arms around his shoulder she squeezes closer into him, taking all of him into her. Each wave surpassing the last, mouths busy, hands holding on for the edge and organs rocking itself out.

To maximize orgasm, he should hold her down on his penis and just grind, that’s the fastest way to give a woman an orgasm.

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