Sex Position Of The Week: Dirty Dancing

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The difficulty in it evolves around stamina, height differences and how it can affect this sexual position as well as balance. If you do manage to pull through, then you are in to have a great time. Good for quickies or passionate sex and can be done practically anywhere. Though it’s most advisable to carry out this position in an environment that has balance, lest the muscles get weak and the sex gets boring.


He leans against the wall while parting his thighs. Grabbing her as he pulls her close to him so she is in between his legs. He raises one of her legs up so he could put it over his, thereby granting him full access to her vagina.

While properly balanced on the wall, he grabs one of her breasts with his mouth while both hands grab her butt pulling her closer with each thrust he makes. She leans in close enough, while riding his penis with each thrust it makes inside her. Called dirty dancing for a reason, this is one of those few styles that has  at least three different ways to work it.

If the height permits, he places her on her feet parted. Then he leans in between them, inserting his penis along the way. Unable to do anything else besides suck her breast, he tickles her vagina with his hands. She reciprocates by thumbing on his breast buds. He pulls her close to him. Fondling with her breasts with one hand while the other goes on to trail her body before settling on her pubic region. He replaces his penis with his hand. Resting his penis between her vagina lips so his hand does the thrusting.

Grabbing his shoulder, she pins him to the wall, inserts his penis into her vagina, and straddles her legs  over his, so she can ride him. He goes low a bit so it seems he’s hitting it from below  while she’s drilling it front and forward. Taking his hand to her face, he leans in while drawing her face closer to him, and they share a kiss, with his hand nibbling from breast to breast, and his penis drilling inside her, matching her stride, thrust for thrust.

He feels his orgasm edge close as he holds out so she cums first. He moves to deep slow thrusts, she responds by matching with slow rides as the sensation lifts her up and takes her to cloud nine. Just as the wave washes over her, he lets go too.

For maximum benefit of this position, both partners should be able to work with each other’s height seeing as this position is highly height-determinant. Whatever is lost in height, can be made up for with proper heels (if she can wear one), stamina and balance. This position is great for face sex as it allows you know your partners expressions.

Difficulty Factor:  ???

Erotic Factor:   ????






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