Rock To Work: 2016 Must Own Fashion Pieces For Him And Her

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Hello new year!! Thank you for finally showing up.

Last year, some of us weren’t fashionable, to say the least. We managed to get through the year in one fashion disaster after another. While others tried too hard and still got it wrong, some didn’t even try at all and still got it wrong too.

No one is a fashion genius.  Every fashionista of today started from wearing fashion disasters before learning what outfits work best for them. So also should you. Gone are the days where you think what you wear to work is not important. It is.

Understanding that we write for a person in a people (if you get my drift), each style or information may vary based on individual differences therefore rocking any inspiration to work bear in mind what works at your company and what doesn’t then pick complementing styles. Our wide array of readers stem from all industries.

Dressing up makes you feel great about yourself so you shoud do it well. Learn what works for you and find the pieces to go with them perfectly. Never do trashy, if you are unsure of an outfit, let it go for some time while you find out ways to wear them nicely. Never ever wear an unsure outfit. And last rule, keep it simply classy.

Get your style game on and let’s find out Must Have Fashion Pieces For HIM & HER.

Hello TRN Reader, Let us start with a Smile…….. 


You should own an ankara maxi skirt. You can do church, school, work, club, office, shrine, beach or anything with it. It can turn you from virgin to sexy in an instant. It’s all about pairing the right top. 


You’re staring at the wrong place. You need to stare at her hands. A woman should own a few Bold hand accessories . Works well with most conventional attires. 


Body fitting dress shirts for him. If you’re a guy with dress shirts that don’t fit your body, it’s time to make some alterations. Alter it to fit your body and have fun looking and feeling good whenever you dress up.


Head wrap or mini gele. Works with the traditional fabric as well the other modes of scarfs. Just know how to tie it right and you look amazing. Plain scarfs can be worn with everything, including a suit.


For the love of chinos. This fabric makes a man look good no matter how badly he has paired it. 


Colored wrist watches. Gone are the days of wearing steel or gold or leather only. Time to revamp. It’s perfectly cool to wear matching watches on your outfit. Red, Blue, Nude, Green, Yellow, so much to choose from. 


Sweat suits. This is yet to catch the Nigerian fashion scene. I’ve come across it sparingly but am sure just as with everything Nigerian, this will become a rave soon. And the best part is, its unisex. 


You can never go wrong with ankara. It finds a way to correct all your flaws, lol. I love love love these ankara pant suits. 


Dress Jackets for men and jigsaw ties, oh yes we love! Every fashionable man should own these. You wear it with everything, suit-pants, shorts, jean, plain pants, ankara pants and ankara boy shorts. 


A black body hug of any length, a flare or monochome ankle-length skirt tucked in with simple strapped heels. Rock it to work, church or school. If you’re in University. 


Gold waist belts were a fave in 2015 which will carry on in 2016. It’s a piece you should own. Plus you can never go wrong in nude shoes. Absolutely love it. 


Every woman must own a Navy Blue Dress. Whatever fabric or pattern works for you is great but the main thing is “Navy Blue Dress”.


Pork pie hats and dress shoes. This look never fails to save the day when you run out of what to wear. And it’s always classic. 


This never goes wrong. Fish tail dresses were inspired form the wedding gown train and now you can have yours. Get it. 


Patterned crop-top and skirt. You’ll thank us. 


Light dress denim, blazer and chinos. Map it, get it, rock it. 


Patterned loose shirts and statement neck pieces compliment jean, skirts, and pants. Since it’s an all rounder, you ought to own them. 



Jackets. Jackets. Oh! how we love jackets. This color is a cross between ash-white and grey-white. Plus the matching roll-bag is beautiful. 



This is what the dress jacket for men looks like when paired with jean. Nice like right. Every man must own Bond eyeglasses. 


Tote bags. This elegant carry-all is beautiful suited for both men and women. Rather than carry lots of things in mini bags, just put everything neatly into one overweight bag and you’re good to go. You should get this when next your clothe shopping. 






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