Purple Launches 50/50 Campaign To Tackle Gender Inequality

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The PURPLE team brings something new, fresh and different into Nigeria called the 50 /50 campaign.

Their mission is to help young Nigerian men and women understand that relationships are partnerships and that gender equality and mutual respect is part of a progressive, modern and cool lifestyle. Eventually, the conversation will change and rebalance the language around gender inequality, creating a society that fosters mutual respect and collaboration between young men and women.

According to statistics on Gender Equality Index, Nigeria ranks low, coming in at 118 out of 134 countries. This clearly that men and women in Nigeria are consistently trapped in stereotypical gender roles that encourage negative behaviors and attitudes towards each other. Every day, across Nigeria, there are stories and reports around both men and women being victims of verbal and physical abuse, discrimination and restricted access to opportunities.

For the men, there is great pressure to meet societal demands of the idea of masculinity. With labels such as ‘provider’, ‘strong’, ‘aggressive’ etc placed on them. For women, there are learned stereotypes and perceptions that categorise women as weak’, ‘naïve’ and ‘inadequate’. These beliefs and mindsets are established from a very young age and passed on from generation to generation. This is why it is important to begin early to teach boys and girls about the benefits of respect, collaboration and positive partnerships for both genders from a young age.

This is why ‘The 50/50’ campaign was developed. 

The PURPLE team will further educate the next generation on the benefits of mutual respect for all. Addressing the subject of gender inequality and the behaviors that encourage the problem is an important part of our nation’s forward progression.

This exciting campaign will feature billboards, a hit song from top artists, television visuals. The idea is to demonstrate the importance of gender equality using clever visuals, cool language and innovative concepts.

The campaign will run for 3 months in Lagos, Enugu, Kano and Kaduna.

For more info, visit www.iampurple.ng



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