PHOTOS: ‘Family Guy’ Portrays Abuja As A Rural Village

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Family Guy disses Abuja – Seth McFarlane & his animated TV show, Family Guy, have been known to step on toes with their religious jokes to politician jibes.

Family Guy disses Abuja
Family Guy disses Abuja

The latest people to be offended by the show are some Nigerians, following the show’s depiction of the country’s capital, Abuja in the show.

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In the 12th episode of Season 14, which aired on the 17th of January, Peter Griffin and Carter Pewterschmidt go to Abuja to track down a scammer who swindled them of some money.

On getting to Abuja, it’s portrayed as being very rural, without tarred roads and houses with thatched roofs. When Lois Griffin calls an Uber, a rhino, not a cab, appears.

What do you think? Too much or all good humor? Check the pictures out below!




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