Old School Romantic Moves That Girls Still Die For

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In the fast paced modern world of today, it’s very easy to forget the right dating moves which a lot of us today see as old fashioned. If you however have the intention of making a new girl die for you or rekindling the fire in your relationship, you may want to go back to the tested and trusted old school moves.

Asking Permission For Things

It’s common place in today’s world to hear people say “I’d call you later today” rather than say “oh, when can I see you?” Or, “when could I call you?” instead of assuming. Follow the old concept of asking permission except they tell you otherwise. Asking for permission is something you should do for virtually everything including touching her, calling her at specific times or taking her out. The moment you’re in a relationship, some of these things don’t matter anymore but it nonetheless shows respect.

Dressing Up Nicely For A Date

We all have different interpretations of what it means to dress up nicely but the universal rule is to put in as much effort as you can into the way you look before going out with your partner. You don’t necessarily have to wear a suit or a blazer to look dope but make sure your appearance is as good as they come. Ensure you do your best to make sure your appearance speaks volumes of the kind of person you are.

Bring Gifts On The First Date

A lot of ladies do get gifts from their partners regularly but it usually comes with people that they’ve been in a relationship with for some period of time. Bringing gifts on the first date creates a good impression of you to her. Perhaps the reason why people no longer do this is because of its pointed and straightforward gesture that shows what you’re up to. You should however put this behind you and be more concerned about how you will let the person you care and appreciate know that you’re interested in her.

Turning Off All Mobile And Electronic Devices

The addiction of the modern age to mobile and electronic devices is alarming. Nothing is as worse as sitting across your partner on a date out and they’re busy with their phones, or they keep responding to chats that keep popping up on their phone while you’re having a good conversation. The truth is that it’s better to go old school and stay off all mobile and electronic devices. Turn off your devices and have a good conversation with what matters. The person seated in front of you.

Going Out Dancing

And by dancing, we don’t mean grinding on each other at the club. We are talking about real dancing just for the sake of it not throwing sexual moves on the dance floor. There’s really no better way to relieve stress and show her how much you care than through dancing. Fortunately, you can bring back the wonderful art of slow dancing which has hitherto been lost. You can choose to do it with her in your living room and enjoy the romance and after sex this old school moves will bring into your relationship.

Writing Poems

This one is surely not for everyone but it’s more of the effort behind the gesture than the content of the poem. Your partner or a prospect seeing a surprise handwritten love letter, a surprise meal or a poem can go a long way to in boosting their morale and reigniting the fire in the relationship.

Asking Someone Out Straight Up

Instead of going through the “merry go round” process of “hanging out” with her or “talking” , you can just do the old school thing of telling them you want to date them without mincing words. The modern process is usually messy, puts everyone’s heart on the line and can be confusing for both persons involved. You can avoid this and do things the old way of being direct which is devoid of all the complications mentioned above.

Never Assuming Sex Is On The Table

Once upon a time, seeing your partner unclad was very much seen as something close to having sex with them. It’s not that sex is something that shouldn’t be had, but not expecting it on the first date or quite early is something you should consider, neither should it be expected simply because they agreed to go out on a date with you or because they are flirty with you. Because they went out on a date with you doesn’t mean you should have sex with them and you should not be disappointed if sex doesn’t come because you shouldn’t assume it will in the first place. It should entirely be dependent on who you’re with and if they’re interested in it. After all, that’s what old school love moves are all about.



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