Obama On Attending His Daughter’s High School Graduation: “I Am Going To Cry”

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Obama would be attending his daughter’s high school graduation with a pair of shades and possibly a handkerchief.

While that might be very hard to imagine, because he is the leader of the free world, it is what he has said himself.

Malia Obama, the American President’s first daughter would be graduating from high school later this year. And while a lot of people, including his daughter’s school authorities are expecting some great speech from him, he has revealed that all he wants to do is be his daughter’s father.

He said;

Malia’s school asked if I wanted to be at commencement and I said no. I’m going to be wearing dark glasses and… I’m going to cry.


We feel you Mr President. Malia has grown into a young beautiful woman right in the eyes of everyone in the world.

It must be hard to see her as a grown up and not his little girl any more.

Random: Would you like to see Obeezy  Obama wiping tears off during Malia’s graduation? Cos I know I would like to see that.



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