“Nigeria Needs To Be Recolonized Again For The Next One Hundred Years” – Donald Trump

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I am just as shocked as you are though I am quite indifferent about his opinion. The man has been known to crap some of the meanest words out his mouth. Even the internet they are using is ours and we can decide to shut if off from this side, right?! Even his wife won’t campaign alongside him.

Read His Post.

I had a long whatttttttt following that post in my retweet on Twitter. Trump seems to be a good example of put your money where your mouth is.  He sure has the money and the mouth and doesn’t refrain from using both to say and get his way.

He had so much to say (as always) between yesterday and this morning including on Albert Einstein (I don’t know what he has against the dead genius). He even threatened to pull his Scotland Investment if Britain decides to place a ban on him for his hate speech against Muslims which he has been very open about.

He hates Muslims, no argument there. Left to him, they wouldn’t seek refuge in America.

Read Trump’s Twitter Banter Below.

He has something to say about everyone including Whoopi Goldberg

Something for the Clintons, Hillary And Bill

Hillary and her friends!

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

What did Macy’s ever do to Trump










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