Neymar To Face Court Over Transfer Fraud

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Neymar to face court

Barcelona star Neymar will appear in court to give testimony over the circumstances of his transfer to Barcelona from Santos in 2013.

Neymar to face court
Neymar to face court

Neymar will face Spain’s national court on the 2nd of February, and his parents, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and former club president Sandro Rosell, as well as two directors of Neymar’s former club Santos will all be facing the court too.

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Santos and Barcelona will also be required to give testimonies, and will send official representatives.

The court case began after Brazilian investment fund DIS, which held 40 percent of Neymar’s sporting rights when he played at Santos, filed a complaint of fraud and corruption.

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DIS had claimed that Barcelona and Santos had concealed part of the transfer fee, thus cheating it out of its rightful dues.

Barcelona had announced the transfer at a value of 57.1 million euros, but Spanish authorities claim the transfer was at least 83.3 million euros.



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