New Beef Brooding? Ycee Disses Vector’s Lyrics

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YCee disses Vector

It’s been a day of beefs so far, from Olamide and Don Jazzy going head to head, to M.I. and Osagie Alonge trading words on social media.

YCee disses Vector
YCee disses Vector

Adding to it now is a potential showdown between Ycee and Vector, which began after Ycee openly dissed the one-time YSG rapper’s lyrics.

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Ycee had posted a picture of himself on his Instagram, and captioned it with a line from Vec’s King Kong remix, adding: “WTF be that?! Punchline no be by force.”

It wouldn’t be the first run-in the duo have had a run-in, but with Vector yet to reply, this might not get any bigger than this. Check it out below!




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  1. Now let me set the record straight, hate all you want, the title award and performance of Vector before, during, and after the Headies 2015 is the most excellent amongst Nigerian rappers to date. Please tell me any rapper whose performance in Nigeria can outclass VEC’s @ the Headies? I’m waiting. YCEE is just a budding rapper who is hating on another man’s superlative success. For the record, that line, as YCEE later realized, is certified: dope punchline.

    “Yemi Alade was looking for Johnny cuz Walker had to walk away”

    Dropping Wordplays and Punchlines is the abiltiy to convey multiple meanings and associations with a particular word or expression. And where wordplays are concerned, Vector, to say the least, is King. I am happy I am not the only one who knows this.

    Johnny Walker, for those who don’t know, is a character (also used as the name of a label whisky) whose story of aimless and endless walking is popular knowledge. So Vector simply associated this to the popular Yemi Alade’s search for Johnny [Walker] in her song “Johnny”. Yemi Alade was looking for Johnny [Walker] because he was actually wandering aimlessly (walking away). Yemi Alade never gave us the surname or any other means of identifying the Johnny in her song. And Vector played on this ambiguity and uncertainty by associating the “Johnny” with “Johnny Walker”. I hope all those supporting YCEE understand this and avoid being sentimental.

    It’s time we started recognizing intelligent rappers rather than over hyping rappers who are simply feeding our banal and, for the average Nigerian, mediocre sense with good beats and rhythm and no craft. To think that YCEE’s “Jagaban” being Atilogu is an imitation of VEC’s “King Kong” Atilogu beat, and that YCEE also forgets that the “SHA!” effect in “Jagaban” is also an imitation of VECTOR’s “OSHA MO!” effect in terms of voicing is one reason he shouldn’t even try to diss VEC, except it is simply a case of frustration on YCEE’s part at not being able to outwit his distant role model (VEC). And “imitation”, VECTOR recently says in a rap verse, “only means your father is a looser”. I should stop here.

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