Men’s Top Sexual Fantasies

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Oral Sex


Very little men will deny the fact that getting a blowjob is at the top of their sexual fantasies. Most men’s sexual fantasies encompass our partners doing things they wouldn’t normally do and most men fantasise about getting a stunning blowjob all the time. A man that gets good oral sex from his partner is a happy man.

Submission Moves


If you’ve ever watched the movie “50 Shades of Grey” then you’d understand how much people love this sexual fantasy. A lot of men have sexual desires in which they are nothing more than a passive and submissive player. This desire might be because they want something that runs contrary to their everyday work life. The submission fantasy usually entails being bound, tied, teased and spanked.

The Exhibitionism Fantasy

Young Couple Macking on Car Trunk --- Image by © Heide Benser/Corbis

Some people have the crazy desire of performing in a public setting either because they enjoy the thrill of being watched at it or getting away with the act. This fantasy actually fuels a lot sexual desires in men but it’s one area you’d want to be careful of if it’s your fetish. There are a lot of legal consequences and backlash especially in a conservative society like ours. You may want to consider the less risky option of videotaping your sexual activities to watch at a later date.


threesome 2

Ask any man out there and he will tell you that the only thing better than having sex with one woman is being with two. A study conducted at the University of Michigan found that heterosexual men reported fantasising about having sex with more than one woman was top of their sexual desires. The researchers however found that there were no practical responses to questions like “How do I get my lover to participate in a threesome?” – this is probably one that will be answered some other day.

Anal Sex

rough sex

Various researches have also found out that anal sex is one of the most common sexual fantasies of men of the new age. It also seems common that a lot of men would rather have anal sex with women that have never participated in it or does so sparingly. This fact also brings up concern about the right way to convince your partner to participate in anal sex and how they can fully enjoy doing so. The truth is that we tend to fantasise about the things we cannot get and having anal sex is something we think of in a pleasurable way.

Watching Porn And Live Sex

watch porn

A lot of men are aroused by watching porn or live sex being performed by other people right in front of them. Voyeurism is one sexual fantasy a lot of us enjoy basically because it can be combined with other sexual desires such as watching your partner masturbate till they orgasm or have sex with another person.

As a matter of fact, a lot of the sexual desires and fantasies of the modern age are learnt from watching porn in isolation. A lot of men tend to watch or take a sneak peak at porn or sex instead of doing all they can to live and share their fantasies.

Letting Your Partner Take Control

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This is the simplest and most common male sexual fantasy. Men just want to sit back at times and have their partners direct the sexual activities sometimes. The sexual fantasy could entail us thinking of our women completely dominating us or she leading the way. Whichever way it is, men love it when a woman is sexually confident and certain of what she wants. This raises a woman’s sexual appeal to high heavens in our eyes.

We find it tiring to always be the one chasing after our partners. Our women coming on us makes for a good change which can serve as a good ego booster.

The Domination Man


Some men love the sexual desire of having total power and control over their women in any sexual situation. Men that have this fantasy also consider extreme sexual play such as sadomasochism and bondage which intends to blend pain and sexual pleasures together to create intense sexual arousal. If you ever plan on living out this sexual desire, ensure that you get the consent of your partner to avoid legal issues.




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