M. I And Ice Prince Give Men ”Bae Goals”, Defend Maima Amidst Trolls

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If only I could score an interview with Ice Prince it would give me closure. Not like I’m not closed right now, lol, you get my drift. I just want to ask him one question?

There’s a photo of Maima Nkewa, eight weeks ago with Akin, proof she was with Akin, her sugardaddy. Prior to the photo surfacing, Ice had continuously defended Maima even after seeing several photos from seventy-two weeks ago among other dates and places. It took the last photo showing Maima with Akin eight weeks ago for Ice Prince to understand, shit just hit the fan and everyone got splattered.

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Maima With Akin Eight Weeks Ago


If you’re a Sidepiece or keeping one, please read, The Pink BBook: Game Of Sidepieces. Being a sidepiece can lift you up just as high as it can drop you and that’s what happened to Maima.

As a sidepiece especially a chick, stay away from social media. You needn’t even be friends with your sidepiece’s friends. Akin didn’t start the drama, an ordinary comment on Maima’s photo with Ice Prince changed everything.


@obinnaji34 whose account is private went further to release more photos including the recent one of eight weeks ago. Ice Prince stood his ground. Maima is just been made to look bad.

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His boss M.I also chipped in on the issue.

Despite everything, evidence Maima used to be a runs girl, proof she was still seeing her ex, (who has played a huge role in Maima’s life), Ice didn’t falter on his love, Now that’s Bae Goals 2016. He’s yet to respond to the photo proof of eight weeks ago.

While Insta trolls are calling Ice Prince names, Insta fams are loving him up with praises and insists he defends Maima to the end.

  • s_seraphineAm proud of u bro,defending ur woman like that,only a few out there could do it,,,,I wish u guys well@iceprincezamani
  • babyluchy@iceprincezamani, if you love her, forgive her. She made a mistake by not telling you about Akin maybe cos she’s scared of loosing you. There are people that have contributed in our lives it’s hard to let them go or hurt them but at the same time hard decision has to be made which is wat she failed to do by still seeing him. Jux saying though.
  • nee_rah_ True love!!!!! never let it go
  • queen_debbei @iceprincezamaniSweety dnt fucken lose Wat u got. You know it priceless. We Ghanaians are good at ending pple relationship they wish for Wat you have. In every relationship there is ups and downs
  • quansimaah Real men defend their women infront of trolls✊?✊?✊?✊???????Mad respect
  • mz_olive @cy_nicky u sooo ryt..probably iceprince has being having a serious and sad time with his gal since this akin story started…that doesn’t mean he shud insult her publicly..who knows if maima already explained her relationship with this akin guy to iceprince before all this drama..besides akin doesn’t even have respect for his wife and children, he shud be ashamed of himself and hide his in fidelity..is he even trying to fight.
  • duchess_cherie Love conquers all!! For standing for your woman after all said and done! I have the ultimate respect for you @iceprincezamani most men would stoop so low and throw shades on their woman. Picture evidence doesn’t necessarily mean anything until a chat conversation comes out then we’d be sure. If not please love your girl@yes_im_beautifull ??? ya’ll look good together please don’t break my heart ???
  • cy_nicky You’re a rare gem??defend your woman no matter what. You can even hit her inside the house but for the fact that you defend her publicly makes you a real man????
  • scrollingtoday @cy_nicky Child, REAL men don’t hit women. Please sit down with that leprose idea of yours. Which one is “you can even hit her inside the house but the fact that you defend her publicly makes you a real man”. ???

Someone opined, he would break up with her low key seeing as the publicity on him right now is just bad press. But in media, we all know no press is bad press.

He has been trending for three days and counting.

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