Kim Kardashian Reportedly Gives Her Blessings To Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has given her blessings to her former bestie turned little sister’s nemesis Blac Chyna and brother Rob Kardashian’s relationship.

According to TMZ, Rob Kardashian actually genuinely really is into Blac Chyna. You may remember that Khloe Kardashian reportedly kicked Rob out soon as she learnt of the relationship between him and Blac.

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However, contrary to what most people think, Rob Kardashian is reportedly not with Blac Chyna to spite his family. He is with her because she makes him happy and because this is the happiest he has been in years.

She also apparently motivates him.

And, if TMZ’s reports are to go by, Kim Kardashian has “come around” and believes if Rob is genuinely happy then “more power to him”.

Well, since Rob is reportedly happy for real then seems like Kim has nothing to worry about.

We wonder if Kim K and Blac Chyna can get back to being besties now that Kim is slowly coming around.



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