It’s Getting Crazy With #KenyansOwnTheStage VS #NigeriansOwnTheStage

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The rivalry of the #TECNOOwnTheStage went to a new level on social media as Kenyans and Nigerians went up against each other to affirm their country’s superiority in music, politics and the likes. It can be recalled that the #TECNOOwnTheStage karaoke competition has pitted both countries against each other given the fact that as at the 9th episode of the show, three Kenyans, one Tanzanian and one Nigerian are left in the run for the $25,000 prize money for the contestant that emerges top including a recording contract.


Nigerians seem not to be taking it funny as they are all out to support Shapeera who happens to be the only Nigerian left on the show and they made this much known on social media, especially Twitter where they are seriously pouring out their angst and affirming their domination in Africa through the #NigeriansOwnThestage. Yemi Alade seems to completely in support of Her compatriot Shapeera and she made this known with her tweet.


The Kenyans on their part are also not leaving things lying low as they raised a counter hasn’t tag #KenyansOwnThestage to buttress their superiority on the #TECNOOwnTheStage competition.

Some of the tweets are pretty hilarious while others are mostly serious about their feelings. You can join the conversation on twitter through the hashtags #KenyansOwnThestage and #NigeriansOwnThestage.

Also follow the #TECNOOwnTheStage competition hashtags on twitter to get in on the fun.



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