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Word around town is that Kenyans are defeating Nigerians at almost everything these days. The days of boasting about our jollof rice are over, as the Kenyans seem to have overtaken us in music of all things.


For the last 8 weeks we have been following this karaoke competition has seen a fierce battle between contestants from Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.


We have been able to gather from a reliable source that the only Nigerian contestant left on the show was trashed by a Kenyan contestant in a karaoke duel and so far there has been a domination of Kenyan contestants on the show.


I have no doubt that this is about to spark up another Nigerian vs Kenya fight on twitter. It is so sad that each country had 5 contestants on the show and after 8 weeks only 1 Nigerian contestant is left on the show against 4 Kenyans. They have been preforming Nigerian songs too.


Wow! This is a serious blow to Nigerian music and music lovers out there. As for me I want to see how it goes down on Sunday because this is how it always starts. First they get Obama, now music…next thing we will be traveling to go and taste their jollof rice.


Buhari, please look into this oh!


You can watch the show on:

Sundays – Africa Magic Showcase at 19:00 CAT (6pm Nigerian time)

Sundays – Africa Magic Urban at 21:00 CAT (8PM Nigerian Time)

You can watch the repeat broadcast on:

Tuesdays – Maisha Magic East and Maisha Magic Bongo at 18:30 CAT

Wednesdays – Africa Magic Family at 19:00 CAT


To catch all the TECNO Own The Stage action, follow on

Facebook – TECNO Own The Stage

Twitter – @tecnoowndstage

Instagram – @tecnoownthestage



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  1. They can never be better than us. Just because of one tecno show. We still have wizkid, davido and p square… what does kenya have?

  2. The way I see it,it is individual talents competing against another doesn’t mean Nigeria/Nigerians are not better than Kenyans/Kenyans.

  3. One Nigerian is better than 4 Kenyans anyday. We will probably still win the TECNO competition and even if we don’t,at least they can’t beat us in jollof rice.

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