Kelly Rowland Talks About Finding Her Way Since The Birth Of Her Son, Titan

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Parents magazine in its February issue, features Kelly Rowland and her son, Titan, who is fourteen months old now. Kelly talks about life after the birth of her son and how he has taught her to be more patient and stronger.

Interview Excerpts:

The busy mom has been filming episodes of Fox’s Empire and hosting a new BET reality show set to air in April called Chasing Destiny, a search for the next big girl group. (Obviously Rowland knows a thing or two about that. Her group, Destiny’s Child, sold more than 60 million albums and won three Grammys.)

She’s also been working on tracks for her next album. It’s thanks to Titan, Rowland says, that she has the “patience and confidence” to juggle it all. “I am much more laid-back now,” she says. “Being a mom just makes me feel whole.”

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We were all excited to hear Kelly Rowland was pregnant in 2014 for her manager, Tim Witherspoon. Titan was born in November at a healthy seven-point-five pounds. Talking about the experience she says,”There was so much love in the room. Everything went according to my plan.”  She even played a song she recorded called “Mommy’s Little Baby” and, she says, the world stood still for her. “I was speechless,” she remembers. “He took my breath away.”

Almost according to plan. Her mum, Doris, suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away three weeks after Titan’s birth.  “It was a tough, emotional point for me,” says Rowland. “I remember not wanting to be sad for Titan. I wanted to keep myself together because I believe that all that stress and grief can be passed on to your baby. Knowing Titan needed me, and having that to focus on, helped me through.”

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Now, at 14 months, Titan is a toddler, and Rowland is proud of how far both he and she have come. “I have always had maternal instincts, but as a mom you figure things out,” she says.

Kelly says she is close to Beyonce as well as all her girlfriends who are mothers. She admits, “I’m closer with all of my girlfriends who are mothers,” she says. “I call them all for advice.” Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy just is four.

Rowland talks about gaining strength through Titan. “Now I trust myself and feel stronger, like I can do anything.” 


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Motherhood surely suits her.









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