Katie Price Supports UK’s Move To Make Prostitution Legal, “Would Take £1million For A Slap And Tickle”

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In an all new episode of Loose Women, panelist Gloria Hunniford, Caroline Quentin, Ruth Langsford and Katie Price talk on the outrage over Britain’s first official red light district. The video shows the women deliberating on the issue, should prostitution be legalized in the UK?

The British government has decided to turn a blind-eye on prostitution for two-years. While citizens will not support a red light district in a residential area due to what comes after it such as drugs, drug-related crimes, pimps, and violence, the new location chosen for the red light test-run, which is an industrial area gets the nod from residents.

The area which previously used to be a red-light district without the police, will become a red-light district, with the police. Companies around the chosen locale are complaining on the decision stating that late-closing staff would have to go through that path after work.

Observing that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, UK government is seeking other options such as trying to keep these women who engage in this dangerous profession safe. Health and otherwise. This red light district implies that if effected positively within the two-year trial period, prostitution will be legalized in the United Kingdom. Just like Amsterdam.

To them, it’s best we accept prostitution is here then figure a way to curb it or we deny or keep turning another blind eye to it’s existence and continue on the same yearly fight against prostitution. Good move.

During the conversation, American Singer, Katie Price said (and I think she was being honest),  “I’m not trying to make light of this, but, oh here she goes… If someone offered me one million pound cash for a slap and tickle I would.”

She said what?!


The mum-of-three said she would accept the lump sum for a bit of “slap and tickle” on Loose Women. 

While the audience found her bluntness amusing, her co-hosts didn’t see the humor in stating she would even go half-way, “slap and tickle”. Gloria who had earlier expressed her disgust at the possibility of legalization of the old profession in the UK, responded to Katie’s statement with, “No, listen I’m going to be really prudish now, not for ten million would I do that.” (Wish I had a friend like this).

Fellow panelist Ruth Langsford pointed out to Katie: “But that’s prostitution, whichever way you look at it.” But Katie stood her ground and responded: “No but it’s not all the way! I’d have to discuss it with Kieran, but imagine how easy that would be?”

When one of the hosts asked Katie Price, Why would you even think of doing it? Price replied, “Because it’s easy money! Like you can see these women, it’s easy for them. I’m not saying I’m a prostitute… I’m saying for a million quid, it’s easy.” A guest on the show, Caroline Quentin observed to Price that these prostitutes don’t get paid a million quid, they are paid a tenner, ending with, “That’s the real thing in life.”

When the question Should Prostitution be legalized in the UK? was up for a yes or no vote by the public, the Yes’s had it. Majority of Britons want prostitution to be made legal.

Katie Price on the Loose Women panel


The upside of this move is it’d reduce prostitution-related murders, violence and all-what-nots that befall some of these women. There will be documentation of prostitutes in every district, brothel facilities, access to better health care, and insurance. Legalizing prostitution will mean, it’s a job, a profession, a career. Just like a banker or a doctor. Since everyone has figured out it’s the easiest way to make money, it’s time the government invests in the industry.

Guy: Hi, I’m a doctor, what do you do?

Girl: Oh hi, I’m a prostitute, nice to meet you. 


Katy and her hubby, Kieran 

katie price

As odd as Katie’s reply was, (in my opinion), I find it honest. Just as Mrs Price stated, it’s disheartening to know that the reason women prostitute is because it’s EASY MONEY. That’s why these men have no respect. Because women have become as cheap as paper made from the bark of a tree.




Photo Credit, Loose Women

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