Kate Hudson Goes Naked On Instagram After Nick Jonas Dumps Her

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Last I checked Kate Hudson was thirty-six, twelve years older than Nick Jonas who is just twenty-three.

Anyways, it’s not news that they had been dating despite the age difference.

kate and nick

kate and nick2

But gist had it that Jonas dumped her and to show him what he was missing without her in his life, Kate took to Instagram to do this.

kate and nick3

She was sneaky about it though because she had her stylist Sophie Lopez post a Polaroid on her Instagram instead and not Kate’s, with the caption: ‘#JustAnotherDayAtTheOffice.’

And then Kate pretends not to know about it and responds: ‘Omg! You’re so fired! #Fabletics.’

Well, it looks like Nick got the message because they were caught together on a ski trip earlier this month.

kate and nick4




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