Kanye West Says He Is Not Into Fingers Up His Ass Like Amber Said

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Kanye West and Amber Rose

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa had quite the epic Twitter rant two days ago.

And while Kanye was trying to get back at Wiz Khalifa, he used Amber Rose and Wiz’s son to shade him. However, the moment Amber Rose got on Twitter, she came for Kanye West and shut down the whole thing with one tweet.

A tweet that hinted Kanye liked to be fingered in his ass.

Well, social media went ablaze after that tweet got posted and many people even dropped the index finger and booty emoji on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page.

However, days after Amber caused everyone (including Pornhub) to wonder what was going on with Kanye and his ass, the Rapper took to Twitter to address the whole situation.

According to him, he prefers videos and pictures to that. And he does not even do stuff like that.

Seemed like he cleared the air on that one but a lot of people on social media aren’t buying it.

What say you?

Meanwhile, Kanye’s follow up tweet said this


Does that mean he is waving the white flag Amber’s way?



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