Jamie Foxx Deserves To Be Part Of The Avengers With This Heroic Move

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Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is one heck of a good man.

The Oscar winner might have been one of our favorite Actors for a while now but he is now definitely going to be one of our favorite people.

The Django Unchained Actor was driving home when he reportedly saw an accident. Not one to speed off and leave it for the next person, Jamie Foxx got down from his car and ran off to help.

According to reports, the Driver of the car had been driving at “a high rate speed” when he had an accident that saw his car engulfed in flames.

The Driver Brett Kyle was said to have been immediately trapped in the car and if not for the help of Jamie Foxx and and another Witness, the worst might have happened.

Mr Foxx reportedly grabbed a rescue tool from his car which allowed the victim to be brought out alive.

And immediately after this happened, the Driver who was reportedly driving under the influence was placed under arrest and taken to the Hospital to treat his injuries.

Jamie Foxx rescues 4 Jamie Foxx rescues 3 Jamie Foxx rescues 2 Jamie Foxx rescues

Now talk about a perfect rescue scene, ending with justice being served.

Everyone became happy – the rescued victim, Mr Jamie Foxx and the Police.

See why Jamie needs his own Avengers uniform?

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