The Drunk-Texts Between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez…

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If you have ever had an ex and ever had a drink, you are definitely familiar with the concept of drunk texting – those embarrassing moments when inebriation clouds your better judgement and makes you spew your thoughts to your ex.

Media publication, Elite Daily, captured a hilariously fitting depiction of how it would be if Justin Bieber decided to win Selena Gomez back while under the influence.

Judging from his latest album, it is totally understandable how Justin will be the first to reach out.

justin7And of course it will not be complete without some tasteful noods. Selena who dated Justin while he was just a little boy (girl?) might not be familiar with the grown up’s bod, so Justin goes;

justin10And Selena could have an epic comeback. Go fuck love yourself.

justinnnnOr, maybe it is more serious and heartfelt…

justin12Or maybe Selena does the thirst trapping instead. That will be nice

justin9But it is probably straight to the point. Something like,

justinnnz justin8 justin20 justin3433 justin5 justin15We think those two are still in love, to be honest. Let’s watch and see.




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