Ice Prince & Maima Saga: Mr. Akin’s Friends Reveal How He Pampers Maima

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Akin and Maima’s relationship – As details continue to emerge surrounding Ice Prince’s relationship with girlfriend Maima Nkewa, friends of the other man, Mr. Akin have come to his defense.

Akin and Maima's relationship
Akin and Maima’s relationship

Ice Prince had defended Maima on social media earlier today, claiming she was innocent and Mr. Akin was just out to wreck them.

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According to friends of Mr. Akin however, he was dating Maima way before she even met the star rapper, and takes care of her family, who loves him.

According to these friends, Mr. Akin catered for her education, and has done so much for her. See some of the screenshots below!




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