Hubby Goals: David Bowie Leaves Half His Networth To Wife, Iman

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On January 10th, David Bowie, rock star legend and one of those responsible for heralding rock music in the states, gave up the battle with cancer at the age of 69; after a long-struggle with the illness.

His will leaves half of everything he owns to his wife, Iman, 60.

David and Iman got married in 1992, twelve years after his divorce from ex-wife, Angie Bowie. They were married for thirty-four years.


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Bowie while preparing his last will in 2004, requested cremation. He asked to be cremated in Bali or locally, if Bali was ”not practical”.

His other requests included his ashes being scattered on the Indonesian Island “in accordance with Buddhist rituals”.

Bowie’s death certificate, which was filed with the will in Manhattan on Friday shows his cremation on the 12th, in New Jersey. Two days after his death.david bowie-tile

His twenty-page will says the estate is worth about $100 million, but it didn’t break down the finances.

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His will breaks down as follows:

Bowie leaves half of his net worth which is over a hundred million dollars to his wife, supermodel and designer, Iman. He’s giving his son Duncan Jones, twenty five percent of his estate while his daughter Alexandria Jones (both from a previous marriage) receives twenty-five percent also as well as the Ulster county home in upstate New York.

He also leaves his long time assistant Corrine Schwab with two million dollars plus all of his shares in a company called Opossum Inc. The big bonus is his daughter’s long-time nanny whom he gifts one million dollars.

The will which is filed under the singer’s legal name, David Robert Jones, leaves his business manager William Zysblat and lawyer Paddy Grafton Green as executors of the ‘Stardust’ hit-maker’s estates.

As at Friday, lawyer Paddy Grafton Green steps down from the position; leaving William Zysblat as sole executor.

David Bowie’s ex-wife and mother-of-his-two kids, Angie Bowie, was a contestant at the Celebrity Big Brother USA.

Her and David Bowie ended after a decade of marriage. The couple divorced on February 8, 1980, in Switzerland. Angie told fellow CBB housemates she hadn’t spoken to her ex in almost forty years.

He didn’t leave her anything.angiebowie-tile

David Bowie with Angie Bowie and their son Duncan Jones. davidbowieee-tile

Bowie got his finances in order before his demise. Smart-move. The nanny collecting One Million Dollars is just like his words,

I don’t know where I’ll be going but I promise you it wouldn’t be boring.

Hubby goals or nah?




Source, Rolling Stone

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