Headies Gist: ‘Come and Carry The Car’, Don Jazzy Slays Olamide / Eva Gets Engaged / Korede Bello Frowns At AY’s Crude Jokes / Was MI High?

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Headies 2015 winners

Where do I start from? Where do I begin? So much to tell you in one-thousand-five-hundred words. The Headies had lots of obvious glitches which at ten years they ought to have gone past. I know nothing is perfect. The organizers did a great job, though I didn’t understand the shakara involved in buying the ticket somewhere else, and then walking for a bit to another place called Queen’s Gate to get the ticket changed to tag after which you wait for a shuttle bus to convey you back to the venue. Kinda what you go through during clearance at school. There was even slight confusion on if we should be conveyed directly or go to another place (these are all on separate premises) to pick up other guests who were waiting for the same bus. I had to experience the street way of getting the ticket for N50,000. But I did get my yellow band after all that.

Well, first things first, let me tell you something personal about the Headies. Last year, I secretly volunteered for the Headies. I saw this ad which was inviting interested volunteers to work with them for the Headies 2014 and I applied just so I could attend, but I didn’t get mailed back so I moved on. Throughout 2015 my mind kept thinking about attending the Headies although I didn’t know how that was going to happen. Today, I attended the Headies. My boss made my New Year. Watching Majek Fashek perform was a beautiful memory, one I’ll always have in my head. At least till I get to watch him perform again.

The first performance I witnessed was by Tiwa Savage and this is the first time I was watching her perform live. I perceived her to be a very energetic soul. She has the ability to keep you compelled to follow her performance. Reason why she’s one of Africa’s finest.

Don’t do it for the awards. Do it for the love. Don Jazzy loves his children if he has to be awarded for it then he deserves it. But, Nahhhhhh. We don’t buy it. 

Twitter must have an opinion. 

Listening and watching Adekunle Gold perform Sade was quite the thrill… Till Olamide came in.

Adekunle has a very good voice if I must say. He didn’t use any vocal enhancer. It was just his voice, his instrumentals and his mic. He got a standing ovation and won the Best Alternative category.

It was during this moment Olamide decided to come on stage and mouth-lash the organizers saying that Lil Kesh should have won the next rated category over Reekado Banks who won with his hit single, Katapot. The winner got the grand prize of a car. In a haze of anger, alcohol, peer pressure and without discernment, Olamide Sneh went off on ko ni da fun iya la yin to the mic. He obviously wasn’t referring to anyone in away particular as he never called any names. The point is the whole world watched and will watch his moment of shame for as long as archives exists. Being sneaky, Baddo didn’t call out anyone but it was glaring he was talking to Don Jazzy.

Olamide needs chill goals this 2016. The foul-language, curse-words and throwing paper cups filled with liquor in it between him and members of YBNL was met with uproar and cheers as snehs at the event saw nothing wrong in what Olamide had done. He came, he talked, he cussed. All in Adekunle Gold’s moment. Good or Bad?

Timi Dakolo mesmerized me during his performance with South African musician, Kunle Ayo. He even went as far as winning in three categories. If he deserved it or not is the main argument in his fanbase.

People just won’t let you drink water and drop cup. Dem must talk. 

Don Jazzy’s banter was the worst. First of, he was called up to receive the Special Recognition award and on he went talking about how everyone keeps begging him to receive an award and he keeps saying No. Give it to D’Banj. In response to Olamide’s rant, he said he already told Korede Bello and Reekado Banks he could get them the car so it shouldn’t cause beef. True.

Don Baba J didn’t stop there. He also replied Baddo, telling him to come and take the car.


Other matters arising includes Eva’s surprise engagement to Cool TV Present, Ceasar. She was doing her thang, performing like the diva she was alongside Victoria Kimani when he walked on stage and popped the question. She said yes, the rest is wedding bells.

AY made a joke of Korede Bello’s dance steps in Godwin music video. The camera panned on Korede Bello to reveal he wasn’t smiling. He really didn’t find it funny. Lol, that’s a joke that will never cease l. Korede has to see through the humor.

Who else noticed Black magic and Temi Doll face stutter their way through their presentation? They even forgot what category they were presenting.

Wizkid was a no show and MI dropped the mic like he was asleep on the stage and didn’t feel it slip. It was hilarious though. He’s gained so much weight. Eating large I guess.

The event was turnt up when 2face had to perform. He always gets a standing ovation. It’s non-negotiable. He also received the Lifetime Achievements award.

Bovi tried to play a prank on Reekado Banks after he had won the Next Rated award and came on stage to activate his car. Bovi informed Reekado the name on the list was Reekado Bank and not Reekado Banks. For a moment Reekado looked constipated only for Bovi to reveal it was just a joke. Lol. He was chased off the stage by Reekado. Imagine being told you couldn’t collect your dream car because of one mistake in your name. Who wouldn’t be constipated?

All in all, it was fun. Roll call included Denrele, who sat two seats forward from me. He was the life of the party.

Alibaba also tried to role play as Denrele and got everyone in the crowd coughing with laughter. Plus, Bovi again, came on stage with white towels on his waist to his leg pit while wearing white converse and socks. He made a good impression of imitating Dbanj’s outfit when he wore something similar.

Majek Fashek highlighted my morning.

It was fun, the feed back was great asides the many protocols.




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