Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi Vs The Olumofins: All The Jabs, Disses & Taunts!

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Gbemi Olateru vs The Olumofins – Lagos socialites Joro and Dokun Olumofin created a very huge buzz on social media this morning after they descended on Beat FM OAP, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi.

It all began after Olateru had accused two brothers, whom she didn’t name, of being wedding crashers and doing anything to climb the social ladder.

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The Olumofin brothers, taking the subliminal disses as theirs, took to Instagram this morning to launch a barrage of insults against the OAP.

Joro Olumofin posted a picture of Gbemi on his Instagram, captioning it: “Someone please tag this ugly black pig with cobwebs in her vagina that even has more muscles and hair on her body than me –> @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo .
Who the fuck do you think you are throwing sub, shade , innuendos at me & my family?

“You think I’m one of your fans? Sycophants? People of Ill standing or repute?  I am a man of noble birth ” omo ologbose abarifini fini fini” who knows his worth and pedigree, please please go and ask your father (King) in Ondo who is and what DK OLUMOFIN did in Ondo state, the first republic, Nigeria as a whole alongside Awolowo, Akintola ,Fani Kayode etc”

“This being Said❗️. Who & what made you the ?gate keeper of weddings in lagos ? Who made you the propaganda minster or spokesman for weddings? & social events ? What is your business with my social life or where I go?
If I crash weddings everyday of my life , did the bride or groom call you to complain? Yes I’ve crashed weddings , parties, political rallies , business meetings , even girls DMS how is this your business?”

“Were u raped as a child? Do you have man issues? Is your clitoris so tiny you can feel any sensation? Are u a lesbian on a low? Do you dildo your anal every night thinking about me? Do you wish you were a man so could crash events / weddings with me? I’ve been hearing you talk trash about me for a bit but today is your day.”

“Tunde & Michael Demuren are my childhood friends we grew up together in omole / Ogba. We’ve played basketball, partied, gotten drunk, set p with babes together. Is it a sin they invited me via email and text for their wedding? Yes I like weddings , sorry I LOVEeeeeee weddings, I don’t do night clubs ever. How does this affect you finding a man? Or stop selling those your disgusting and silly excuse for shoes and clothes you sell? Lagos sha ! How does someone whose style is dead sell clothes? Everyone is a fashion designer #OnlyInNigeria”

“Please @gbemioo where is your own wedding so people can crash? where is your boyfriend ? Where is your finance ? Where is the guy you are a Sidechick to? Where is your sugar daddy? Where is your fuck boy? taking out your frustration about your cobwebs vagina on me.”

Dokun also took to Instagram, posting a picture of Toolz’s future husband, Tunde Demuren inviting them for the wedding, before throwing his own jabs at Gbemi.

What do you think? Did the Olumofin brothers take it too far? See all the screenshots below!

Gbemi Olateru vs The Olumofins
Gbemi Olateru vs The Olumofins


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