Friendzone HQ #15 By @Tomilola_Coco

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Friendzone HQ

Yesterday on Friendzone HQ, Oyin got engaged somehow. Today, find out how everyone around her, including Vanessa the Evilino, reacts.

Can you guess Vanessa’s reaction from these cute ass emojis before you read though? Lol (Image: Shutterstock)

“I thought I told you to get your woman, why is she getting engaged to someone else please?” she was extremely livid and as much as she wanted to hold some words back, she knew how impossible that was at the moment.

So she continued to speak the words to him as they popped up in her head, “Kolapo, honey, how hard can it be to get your girlfriend to be with you? Every man in the world is getting her attention except you!” okay, she was getting too angry and if she didn’t get off the phone, she was going to say things Kolapo would never forgive her for.

She knocked over the cup of Smoothie she had blended some minutes before and cussed under her breath as the thick liquid poured all over the floor, splashing on her in the process.

“Vanessa, all these is news to me. Let me call you back”

“Please fix it before you call back!” then she hung up and looked around for the tissue to wipe her body clean before tending to cleaning the floor with a mopping stick.

Her anger that morning was courtesy of Segun and his decision to race to Oyin’s side.

That one had called and whined about how she got engaged to some random guy the night before and as expected, Segun had sped out of the house to see her.

The more their relationship was being flaunted in her face the more she was disliking the Oyin character.

Women who did not have respect for boundaries had never been her favorite and Oyin clearly did not have respect for the boundary of her relationship with Segun.

Initially, she had thought it was something she could handle. Especially since that plan she’d thought out well and had started work on seemed to have been working.

But then, the idiot went and got engaged and then started crying to her man who had in turn grabbed his keys and sped to her house.

He had told her he would be going to the Office from Oyin’s and that meant she was not going to be seeing him till later that night. And she had plans, plans to get him to make love to her before leaving the house.

But Oyin had ruined that with one phone call.

As she wiped the floor clean and threw the cup that contained the smoothie into the sink, she vaguely wondered if Ada knew about this proposal and if she was planning to do anything about what she had told the week before.

The shock Ada had on her face the moment she heard of a sexual relationship between Segun and Oyin was still fresh in her memory now.

She’d been too shocked to hide it and the shock had slowly changed into anger and hurt in a few seconds.

“How did you know?” she’d asked, the pain on her face more obvious than anything else about her. And that was because she had worn the pain like a sweater, refusing to hide it even when she could have managed to.

“I just know” Vanessa had said and when she noticed that the pain was going to give way to disbelief, she’d added, “I saw them somehow”

She hadn’t wanted to give Ada the slightest chance to believe she was lying. And she had been lucky, because after she had told that one to threaten her relationship with Kolapo by threatening to reveal her sexual escapades with Segun, Ada had sworn to punish Oyin every way she could before storming out angrily.

She’d been right, Ada still had enough passion for Segun to want to hurt anyone she felt was in her way and, enough passion to be blinded by that anger and not see that Vanessa was using her.

They did not call her Maleficent for nothing.

However, this sudden proposal had ruined everything for her.

Turning on the tap and washing the cup that contained her smoothie some minutes before, she hurriedly thought of a way to make everything work in her favor.

Because there was no way she was leaving the country without Segun’s ring and his baby growing within her.


“What do you mean you don’t know how you said yes?” he was angry, she could see it in the way his eyes bored into hers and the way he made conscious effort not to touch her even when she reached for his hands.

“I was drunk” she replied and then admitted quickly “But I do remember it all now”

He laughed drily, reached for his Jacket which had been thrown on her couch the moment he rushed in some seconds before and began to make for the door.


“You said yes to a man you had sex with twice while drunk”

She was right on his heels, “Yes, while drunk. I was drunk. I was not conscious of anything I was doing”

“He did not force you”

“I know”

“I have to go to work, Oyin”

She slammed the door shut when he opened it and stood in his way so he couldn’t step out.

“I’m confused, Segun. I do not know what to do. You’re my best friend, please say something”

“You don’t know what to do?” he asked incredulously, “How about calling him and telling him, hey I know I spread my legs like a damn sheet while I was drunk and then pledged my life to you but I honestly do not want to marry you?”

“You’d rather call me a Bitch than help me out here? What’s the deal with you sef?”

“I didn’t call you a Bitch”

“Oh, to think it was said very loud and clear”

He exhaled sharply and returned to take a seat. “When last did you speak to him?”

“Some minutes ago, before he left”

“Did you tell him you were not interested?”

“No” Segun’s eyes widened and so she quickly added, “I am definitely not interested. I was just more worried about what I believe is the real situation here”

“Which is?”

“That I got drunk and had sex with a complete stranger in the first place”

He nodded, “I know. I thought about that all through the way to this place”

“But you still got here and made me feel bad for the proposal anyway”

“Oyin, I really care about you. And I feel like I am losing you completely because this thing you did, that’s not you. That is someone else”

She sighed, slumped into the space near him. “I know”

There was a long stretch of silence before he asked, “Is this as a result of what that Kolapo person did to you?”

She had been trying to tell herself otherwise, that she had not made irrational decisions because she was raped by her own boyfriend.

But the truth was, she had been a different person since he forced himself on her.

When she was growing up, rape had been defined as someone, most times a stranger forcing himself on a woman.

Nobody had told her that rape sometimes could be between a man and a woman who were married. That rape, rape could be between a man and a woman who were actually dating and who liked each other a lot.

Nobody had told her that rape was simply a violation of your right, the right to say no and decide whether or not you want someone else having sex with you.

She had not even realized tears were rolling down her cheeks until Segun wiped her face with his fingers.

“I’m sorry babe” he said gently, placed a kiss on her forehead and held her close.

“I don’t know why I feel this way, am I supposed to feel this way?” she was fighting the urge to let down more tears but Heavens knew the more she struggled, the weaker she became.

“You’re allowed to feel any way you want”

“I’m not even sure how I feel about him these days… he just you know, he just kept doing it even when I was begging him to wait.” She raised her head and looked at Segun now, “You know, it is not about the fact that he forced his way, it is about how he did not stop even when I begged him to”

Segun knew what she meant and how she was feeling.

The one person that should have been her protector was the one who was a violator. It all made sense to him.

“I keep trying to imagine that night did not happen. I wish it just went away with the morning after but…” she broke down completely now, holding his shirt as she sobbed like a child.

With his other hand, he pulled her closer and allowed her relieve herself of whatever emotion there had to be relieved.

She needed to get well first, when she was done, then he would handle that bastard called Kolapo.


Ada was pacing the Hospital’s reception like an impatient Patient. She could see the Nurses glancing at her from time to time but she honestly had no care for them.

The one person she cared to see at the moment was Oyin who for some reason had refused to return her calls or messages since the week before when she learnt about her relationship with Segun.

Truth was Ada was finding it difficult to believe Oyin could sleep with Segun. She knew Oyin, she knew what she was capable of and she knew screwing Segun was not one of the things she was likely to do.

But the truth was after she had allowed the message sink in, she had actually begun to remember moments she had passed off as insignificant.

Moments during which Oyin and Segun had revealed that something more was brewing, something other than the friendship they had.


Ada turned around and saw Kolapo standing spaces away from her, she rushed to him immediately, grateful that she could see a face she recognized.

“Hi” she replied, “Where’s Oyin?” she asked looking around him as if expecting to see her pop up.

“She is not here yet which is very strange considering she is supposed to be on duty”

“Of course. Have you called her yet?”

He nodded. Actually, he had called her at least five times that morning and as usual, she had refused to pick his calls.

“When do you think she would come?”

“Like I said, she should have been here. She is on duty”

Ada nodded, she wanted to ask Kolapo if he knew that Oyin was sleeping with Segun but she also knew that was going to sabotage her friendship with Oyin.

Oyin might be hooking up with her ex-boyfriend but she was also a friend and that was the reasons she was giving her the benefit of the doubt instead of doing it Vanessa’s way.

“I’m worried though so I want to go and check on her in the house”

But Oyin walked into the Hospital that moment, her eyes hidden beneath a pair of designer sunglasses, her legs walking briskly into the reception.

He saw her before Ada did and so he rushed to her side immediately.

But like she had been doing in recent times, she ignored him and made to walk past him.

“Oyin” he was not prepared to let her go, not after she had gone ahead to say yes to some random guy the night before.

“Kolapo, not today” she said and made to get past him. But like he did before, he stood in her way. “What do you want?” she asked clearly not in the mood to talk to him.

“We need to talk”

“On a day when there are Patients waiting to be attended to? No. Sorry” she said firmly and made to get past him.

“Hi Oyin” Ada called

Oyin had not noticed Ada standing near her and she’d been prepared to shove Kolapo out of the way if Ada had not spoken.

“Ada, how far? What are you doing here?” she asked

“I need to ask you something”

“Can that wait? I need to get to work ASAP?”

“No, actually it’s…”

“Good morning, please who is Oyin…” Ada was interrupted by a plump woman who had a smile so bright, she could easily be cast to advertise toothpaste on TV.

“I am” Oyin replied, “Can I help you?”

“Yes. I am Ihuoma Nwabueze, CEO Diamond Hospitality Services, we plan weddings and any sort of event basically”

Oyin wanted to dig a hole and hide inside it, somehow the night before was lingering, refusing to pass, refusing to leave her be.

She smiled sweetly, “Mrs Nwabueze… er I think you might have the wrong person. I did not call for an event planner”

Ihuoma laughed softly, “No, you didn’t” she said “But your mother did and I come in highly recommended from your Pastor… Pastor Dan”

Ada frowned, “You’re engaged?”

Oyin looked at her, and then at Kolapo, who was waiting for the response that was to come.

“Not really” and that response was because she had said yes but definitely not to someone she wanted to marry.

“So why are you wearing a ring?” Kolapo asked, his eyes on her fingers.

She wished she knew the reason why but truth was, that ring felt at home where it was.

And she did not intend to remove it for a while, because for some reason, it helped her stall all the decisions that had been difficult to make before that time.

Friendzone HQ

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo




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  1. U’re beyond amazing Tomi,wasnt expecting another episode so soon,but thanks for the pleasant surprise….can u do it again?as for Kolapo,rapist oshi, u still have mouth to ask mumpish questions abi?and my Segun….dnt worry no shahid can take ur oyin…Never!Vanessa karishika,go back to whereever u came from already.nuffsaid!

  2. ok right now i can only say Oyin is acting stupid. na by force to engaged?. rather be a single happy girl than be engaged and confused. she better clear her head before she hurt herself.

  3. I’ve been a Nicodemus reader from SDC, and now friendzone, happened to see the “Reunion” and went ahead to install okadabooks. It’s almost 5am and I just finished reading it, you’re totally amazing! I salute you. More grease to your elbow, wrist, ankle, knee, and all!…..btw, please let Segun take over already.

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