Friendzone HQ #14 By @Tomilola_coco

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Friendzone HQ

Good day everyone. I have been MIA because I have had my hands full. However, while I cannot promise that there would not be days when I would have to leave, I am promising now that henceforth, I would say before hand. Please bear with me. I am back for now though but if I have to go attend to something else, then I would definitely let you know before I leave.

Meanwhile, for those who are not aware, my Ebook ‘The Reunion’ is out for download on Okada Books. It’s free. Enjoy and share your honest thoughts about how you feel here.

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Because it has been a while and I know this story is not the only thing you’re thinking of, I thought to refresh our memories on some major happenings that have happened on Friendzone HQ

  • Oyin likes Segun, but Segun seems to prefer to be a Yoruba demon and only wants Oyin’s body

Yoruba Demon

  • Kolapo likes Oyin but he has a complex that might destroy him if he is not careful.


  • Oyin eventually dates Kolapo when he feels like the right choice to be made especially since Segun is gradually evolving into the biggest man whore in the world. But then, Kolapo rapes her, breaking her heart in the process.


  • Segun’s werey girlfriend from the UK, Vanessa suddenly appears in this side of the world, is knocked down by Shahid who kinda doesn’t like Oyin’s driving/behavior the first day he meets her. Talking about Shahid, he appears in our episode today. So ladies, remember how hot and fine he is.
  • Vanessa has a plan to make everyone get sense by going on a silent mission to get her Segun back and ensure Oyin stays away forever. She starts with a visit to Kolapo and then, Ada. But we don’t know what she said yet.

Vanessa being a bitch

Now, enjoy today’s episode of Friendzone HQ

The headache that tore through her head and the accompanying nausea that brought her to consciousness that morning was the only thing she needed to know that her prayer the night before had not been answered.

Shutting her eyes tightly, a manicured hand holding a side of her head, she managed to sit up.

The headache was the first reason she was scared to open her eyes; she was worried the lights streaming in through her curtains from outside was going to worsen her situation.

The other reason she wanted to keep her eyes shut for as long as she could was the terrible mistake she had brought home the night before.

The mistake was in form of a six foot man with a gorgeous face, an incredibly toned body and an ability to have a sex so amazing even her horrible headache and hangover could not keep her from forgetting.

She could feel her nausea pushing through her throat now and threatening to overthrow her seemingly strong willpower. And before she was making her morning worse by puking all over her expensive sheets, while further embarrassing herself in front of god of sex, she decided it was time to open her eyes and make it to the bathroom.

Opening an eye, she glanced at the other side of the bed and saw him sleeping like a little baby and so peacefully she wanted to lean over and kiss the shit out of him.

But she held herself with the little strength she had and the remaining bit of her common sense she had left.

Gently setting her feet on the cold bare floor, she quietly raced into the bathroom to relieve herself.

She was lucky she stepped in when she did, because the moment she entered the small bathroom with blue tiled walls, everything she’d taken in the night before came rushing out.

Holding the toilet bowl for support, she found herself letting out wine upon wine and vodka upon vodka.

She hit the flusher and reached for her hand sanitizer after washing her hands and rinsing her mouth.

She could feel a slight relief in her stomach but that was about it. Her head was still aching like someone was hitting it with a hammer and her eyes were still spinning a bit.

The night before had been a terrible idea.

Determined to find a sachet of painkillers, she stepped out of the bathroom and made for the bedroom.

He was awake when she returned, his eyes filled with concern as he watched her rummage her drawers for painkillers.

“Are you okay?” he asked

She could not talk or do anything at all because every single movement felt like a little too much work for her body.

She’d never been hungover, never.

So every single feeling she was experiencing that morning was a first. It was grueling and somehow painful and there and then, she made a mental note never to drink the way she had the day before ever again.


She raised a hand to stop him from asking any more questions. She’d talk when she could talk. At the moment all she wanted was to feel better and get him out of her house.

Sighing in relief as her hands found a sachet of the strongest painkillers known in Nigerian medical circles, she wobbled out of the room to find a bottle of water.

She downed two pills and collapsed into her chair in the sitting room after she was done.

She needed to be in the Hospital soon and she could not go this way.


“Just shut up” she snapped, wondering why he could not see there wasn’t much she could say or do in that condition.

“I just want to know if you’re okay”

“I’m clearly not”

“I warned you about all those bottles last night”

“Abeg leave me alone if all you have to say right now is I told you so”

She knew she was being unnecessary unkind to him but the hangover was not helping her situation.

Closing her eyes briefly, she waited for the drugs to kick in.

“I know something that can help” she heard him say as she sensed him moving closer. Did he know that she needed him to stay far away from her with his tempting body?

“Just go away Shahid” she moaned and she heard him chuckle. That chuckle that was the first thing she found appealing about him the night before and that landed her in her current predicament.

“I’ll be here till you feel better”

“Don’t you have work?”

“If I remember clearly, I told you yesterday that I was on leave”

Ugh, she could barely remember that. All she was remembering was good sex, the man that gave her good sex, the process of giving her good sex…

Damn her and her stupid boyfriend who pushed her to this point.

“I can help make a mixture that would make you feel better though”

And even though she wished he would go, she was really interested in anything that would take away the terrible feeling she currently had.

“But you’ve got to be able to drink raw eggs”

“inyama” she said, disgusted. But she knew before she was done expressing her disgust that she was going to drink whatever mixture he made.

“Where’s your kitchen?”

She stood, eyes fully opened now as she led him to her small kitchen.

“So did you mean what you said yesterday?” he asked, a look of seriousness on his face. “I know you took the ring and you were half drunk but you swore many times on your father’s grave…”

She frowned, “What ring?”

He nodded in the direction of her left hand. Slowly lifting her left hand, she gaped in shock as she found a diamond ring that shone so bright it threatened to blind her eyes, secured firmly on her fourth finger.

“What the fuck?” she gasped, now looking into his eyes.

If she had doubted that he was serious some seconds earlier, then she was well convinced now. He was not smiling, neither did he look like he could be unserious in the least bit about the matter at hand.

“I got married to you?”

He shook his head, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“You got engaged to me”

She swayed, grabbing the edge of her gas cooker for support. “I did what?”

“You got engaged to me”

The headache she was certain was on its way out seemed to be threatening to make a return now. “How?” her voice was suddenly losing its strength.

“I proposed to you and you said yes”

“In a Bar?”

“It was actually in my house in VI”

She had no idea what he was talking about. “Go on” she nudged, maybe if he was detailed enough, the stupidity of her actions could somehow be blamed on something he’d done.

“You came to my house after we left the mall…” he stopped, realizing she could not remember any of the things he said. “Oyin, I actually think we would make a good couple but if this…”

“I said go on!” her eyes were lowered, she was not looking into his eyes and she did not intend to look into his eyes. Not until he was done revealing to her every single stupid situation she had managed to get herself into the night before.

“I can see that you cannot remember the things that happened yesterday and I don’t want this to seem like something I came up with.” He softened his voice, “I don’t want to seem like I took advantage of you because in all honesty, I had a couple of drinks myself. But this isn’t me saying I proposed under the influence…”

Her eyes were on him now, “Shahid, go on!”

And he knew better than to not go on, so he recounted the night before from the very beginning.

He’d been coming from a meeting with a friend who he was trying to start a restaurant with when he ran into her in his estate.

At first, the urge to let her go had been strong. He still found her somewhat annoying from their very first encounter.

But he had allowed himself walk up to her and strike a conversation with her. The very first thing he noticed was her calm demeanor; it had been a striking contrast to her attitude to him the first day they met.

And that, more than anything else had made the remaining anger he had bottled up for her ease out completely.

She’d told him she had come to visit a Patient at home and he had asked why she seemed so troubled?

Then he had invited her up to his condo, surprised when she’d followed without any form of reluctance. Then in his tastefully furnished sitting room, they had taken their seats on his white Persian rug and talked about everything, including her current troubles with her boyfriend whom she’d been avoiding like a plague for weeks even though they worked in the same Hospital.

And somehow, he’d found himself telling her about a girl he always liked and whom he just got over when he found out she would not get over her ex.

He’d also told her about his ex and the hole she left in his heart when left.

And somehow, just like the first day he met her, everything she said and did reminded him of his ex.

And maybe that was the reason he had reached in his pocket and showed her the ring he still carried around with him more than a year after she passed.

“Let’s just marry” he’d jokingly said and she’d nodded and replied with “Why not?”

He had been certain it was the alcohol talking and not her and so had laughed it off when she grabbed the ring from him.

“I’m serious” she’d said and then swore on her father’s grave, “I swear on my father’s grave, I’m serious. If we both are going through this rubbish situation because of the people around us then I’m serious we should get married”

And then he’d proposed to her because honestly, part of him wanted to know what it was going to be like to be with her and because he somehow liked her.

She’d enthusiastically said yes and had put a call through to her best friend the moment the ring settled on her fourth finger.

He’d enjoyed the moment because he knew she was going to wake up the next morning and be certain she’d made a big mistake.

And she had.

“All I remember is us having sex” she muttered when he was done

He chuckled, “That one happened too”. It had happened twice, once on his rug and the other time on her bed. And those two times had been amazing.

He knew he’d do it again if the situation presented itself.

“Let me make that mixture” he said to her and began breaking the eggs in a crate on her fridge into an empty clean bowl.

Her phone rang all the way from the room and she raced to pick it, the painkillers had somehow kicked in and she was feeling a whole lot better.

Plus, she was supposed to be at work, not standing in the kitchen with a fine ass man who had found a way to slip an expensive ring on her fourth finger while she was dead drunk the night before.

Her mother was on the phone, “Mummy”

“Ola said you got engaged”

Oh no, of course Ola had told everyone close to her already.

“No, yes… not really”

“Ko yemi” her mother voiced her confusion.

Truth was, she was as confused as the older woman but seeing as she could not make the situation clear for herself, how could she then make it clear for someone else?

“Did someone propose?”

“Yes ma”

“Did you say yes?”

“Yes ma”

“Was it with a ring?”

“Yes ma”

“ehn so what is all that you were saying?”

When a Nigerian mother knew about your surprise proposal, then everything you thought was complicated about your life became complicated to the point of no return.

For instance, she had been thinking of how to “unengage” herself. But there she was, knowing that was going to be incredibly hard now that her mother was in on the whole engagement.



“Are you with him? Let me speak to him”

“He is not here mummy.” She turned around and saw the “he” in question staring at her, his hangover cure in his hands.

“Let me talk to her” he said quietly but of course, not so quiet her mother did not pick another voice in the room.

“I thought you said he is not there?”

Knowing she was trapped in her situation, she handed the phone to Shahid and snatched the mixture from his hands.

“Good morning mummy” she heard him say as she made for the door, she did not want to hear what he had to say to her mother. “We got engaged and we would proceed to wedding arrangements ASAP if you would give us your blessings”

That caused her to stop in her tracks, “What are you doing?” she asked and raced back to where he was. Snatching her phone from him, she ended the call immediately and gaped at him in shock.

“I want to marry you, Oyin”

“But I don’t! I was drunk, you took advantage of me and now you’re trying to convince my mother to give her blessings to this scam?”

“You told me you loved me while we made love”

“I was freaking drunk!”

“Then why did you call your pastor to ask him if Sunday, February 14th was free and if we could speed up our marriage counseling so we can have a wedding on your Parents’ wedding anniversary?”

He had to be kidding, she did not do that.

“You said you promised your Dad”

She almost burst out laughing even though she realized she had just said to him something she’d never told anyone, not even Segun.

But she did lower her head for a split second, hoping that was not true. And who drunk dialed her Pastor anyway?

But she was soon to learn out for the second time that morning that her prayers were not answered because her Pastor called her that instant.

“Hello Pastor Dan” she said, speaking into the phone when she picked up

“Oyin, how are you doing this morning? I’m sorry I had to hurry you off the phone yesterday. Yes, 14th of February is perfect and if we start your marriage counseling right away, we might be able to have a wedding that day”

Shahid was smiling when her eyes met his again, oh no, she was screwed.

Friendzone HQ

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo

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  1. Thank God Tomilola is back..I got so worried nd almost took I personal searching for u.
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    1. Ai, you’re amazing you know that right? You are. As for searching for me, when next you want to do that please just get Shoprite donuts, ice cream and cake and I swear I’d just appear when you mention my name

  2. If this is a bad dream then I better wake up
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    @Tomi thanks for this episode and also reminding us cos I ‘ve lost track. ?

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    1. Dotun, sweetheart is that you? It’s been ages! Lool I can’t even help myself. Thanks for reading dear. As for disengaging I don’t know o, what of if they do not want to disengage? Lool

  4. Tomi, you did not disappoint. Its getting very interesting . This Sahid guy is one slick…… Something awon boys had been hustling for all these years, he just appeared from nowhere and scored just like that!!! + a ring!!

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