Friendzone HQ #13 By @Tomilola_coco

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Friendzone HQ

Hey guys, Happy New Year. Wishing you an amazing 2016.

Meanwhile, my first Ebook ‘The Reunion’ would be available for free download soon via Okada Books. I would post an excerpt from the book on the next episode of Friendzone HQ would be tomorrow by God’s grace.

Here’s the cover of the book which tells a story of two people who try hard to fight love but who soon find out nobody wins in the battle against love…

The Reunion By Tomilola Coco

And by the way, thanks for the constant support for my work and your well wishes, it is appreciated.

A Twitter user sent me this on new year’s eve and at the time, I was down.

Sugar Daddy Chronicles

This tweet did a lot to uplift my spirits, the fact that someone somewhere, thinks something I wrote was one of his best things to read is something. And I am grateful. God bless you guys.


Enjoy Friendzone HQ Episode 13.

Vanessa did not like who she was becoming, or at least who she was trying to be that night.

Downloading an Uber app, getting a Cab and trying to trace her man was not one of the things she planned to do at any point in time in her life, not even when she was hitting menopause and she needed him like crazy.

However, she had also never thought he would be this way – unwelcoming, unfair and with the need to become Captain Nigeria while hurrying out with his invincible cape to rescue his distressed best friend.

She almost rolled her eyes at the thought of the word “distressed”.

She understood friendship; she understood that friends came through for friends regardless of the time of the day or night. She also understood sometimes, things had to be abandoned just so friends could be useful for their friends who needed them.

She just refused to accept she was one of those things that had to be abandoned.

It felt like she was being selfish or cold but she also knew that the more time Segun and Oyin spent together, they were going to grow more into liking each other and one day, one of them would wake up in love.

The mere thought caused panic to surge through her like a river overflowing its bank on a stormy day; it was unsettling, the feeling she felt.

“Madam, the car just stopped”

Segun’s car had slowed down in front of the Estate where she sensed Oyin lived, he was talking to the security guards there, obviously telling them who he had come to see.

The guards who looked like they were jolted out of a good dream eyed him idly, looking from his sleek red car to him in the car.

Vanessa did not want to be seen and she knew her Uber was a good cover but at the same time, she wanted desperately to know what was going on.

Like a sudden flash in darkness, Oyin pushed through the big gates separating the Estate from the gate, quickly followed by Kolapo.

Oyin looked disheveled, her hair which had been neatly styled earlier was scattered around her head, causing Vanessa to wonder what had gone wrong from the last time she saw her.

Segun got out of the car and Oyin ran into his arms. She looked terrified, even now that Segun was holding her tight and patting her back gently.

He whispered something into her ear and she managed a smile. Then without glancing at Kolapo, he led her to the passenger’s seat and gently helped her get in. Kolapo was by his side in seconds, trying to stop him.

Acting like he was not there, Segun strolled past Kolapo and got into his car.

“Can you take me back to where you picked me from?” Vanessa asked the Driver. Segun was going to return to the house and she did not want him to meet an empty house when he got there.

As she Driver obeyed and drove through the empty road towards Segun’s, Vanessa wondered if it had been a good idea to follow the first thought that popped in her head when Oyin buzzed Segun earlier.

She’d been jealous and curious and so when he had hurried out of the door, she had followed him, asking where he was headed.

He’d told her the name of the area and that was all she’d needed to follow him. Minutes into her trip, they had met him halfway and she’d instructed the cab driver to follow him.

However, as she rode home in silence in the backseat of the SUV that had turned up to pick her, she wondered if she had overindulged herself.

Now she’d seen what she was not supposed to see. Now she was going to sleep, with the events of the night playing in her head moments before she shut her eyes.

Now she was going to see Segun holding Oyin tight the way he never held her and the way she knew she wanted to be held.

Sometimes, ignorance was bliss.


Oyin downed the morning after pills Segun had bought for her on their way to his the night before.

“You’re going to be fine, you know that right?”

His hands had held hers after he removed the bottle of water in her hands and placed it on her coffee table.

She’d shrugged, a blank expression on her face as she snuggled him as if worried he’d disappear if she did not hold him tight.

“You’d be. And I would be there for you. As always”

She’d managed a smile then and allowed her fatigued body to rest as she drifted into sleep.

The next morning, she’d woken up to him by her side, holding her the way she’d been holding him the night before on the couch.

“Shey your neck would not be paining you like this?” she asked when she opened her eyes and realized they had slept on the small couch all night.

“Nah. It was not like I was allowed to sleep much anyway” he replied, his eyes were weary and he looked exhausted from what she knew was a long uncomfortable night. She felt guilty for being the reason his night was uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry”

“No it has nothing to do with you” he quickly apologized and added, “I’m serious” when it seemed like she was not taking him seriously.

“But if I had not texted you in the middle of the night, you would not have had a sleepless night being friendzoned”

He laughed then, getting up from the couch and slightly wincing at the discomfort he felt in his joints.

“Merry Christmas to you too” he said to her and sauntered off.

Oyin shut her eyes tightly, trying to bar the memories of the night before. It had worked last night when she got home and slept almost immediately but now, it was forcing itself upon her like Kolapo had in his bedroom last night.


She opened her eyes and found Segun standing in front of her, a concerned look on his face. “Are you okay, Oyin?”


But he knew she was not. He had been standing in front of her for seconds, watching her shut her eyes tightly as if scared to open it and face the reality of her present. And she had been oblivious to her presence.

“Is there something I can do?” he was sitting near her now, a hand on her shoulder.

“You’re here. That is you doing something”

He smiled, drew her close to him and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. All his lust for her had somehow vanished and now, all he wanted to do was to be there for her while she came to terms with what happened the night before with her stupid boyfriend.

Segun tried not to think of the asshole and the fact that he wanted to punch him so hard, dude lost his memory.

No man in his right senses forced himself on a woman – whether she was his or not – sex had to be consensual not by force.

But he knew he had to keep his cool because of Oyin and because the last time he punched someone, he almost got jailed for it. So he just bit her ear gently, kissed her on the cheeks and drew her closer to himself, hoping that the sounds being created by their heartbeats alone would soothe her and remind her that she’d never be alone.



Kolapo had never really liked Christmas.

First, when he was a little boy, his house had caught fire on Christmas day, then while everyone was rejoicing with drinks, food and new clothes, he’d been homeless; his drinks being the tears that cascaded his face, his food being the understanding he had of the fact they had nothing and his clothes being the only one he’d been wearing when they had escaped the fire.

Then, during Christmas, his father had died, leaving him fatherless.

He’d also had his heart broken the first time during Christmas. It had been broken by a girl named Adebomi, she was by far the most beautiful girl in his class that year, her cornrows always neatly done and her uniform always neatly ironed.

She was brown, her skin color rivaling any brown chocolate and her white teeth more sparkly than pearls.

He had liked her from the very first moment they brought her into his class in Primary 5, her British accent ringing through the class louder than the bell that rang during closing time.

Her parents had sent her to her grandparents in Ile Ife because they had been worried she’d be unruly if she grew up in the UK without “the African culture”. And Kolapo had been glad they sent her because she had stolen his heart from the very first time he laid eyes on her and she became his sitting mate.

She also liked him or so it seemed, because after ‘Deyemi the grandson of the Ooni had transferred to their school for common entrance, she’d barely talked to him.

Then one day, during Christmas, while he had been excited to see her at a Christmas party organized for kids at a local church, he had seen her giggling and talking animatedly to ‘Deyemi.

She had acted like she did not know him and had called him “broke” when he gave her the handmade ribbon he had lost sleep for weeks just to finish.

So now, as he sat in his house on Christmas day, the day after he’d forced himself on the woman he cared about and she’d run into the arms of the man he was slowly beginning to loathe, he realized it was yet another Christmas that was not happy.

He swigged the can of beer lying by his side on the floor he was sitting on. He had tried her number countless times in the last hour alone and he was certain that even if she wanted to pick it, Segun was not going to allow her.

The mere thought of that fueled the anger coupled with jealousy inside of him.

Maybe he should not have slept with her when she was clearly not ready but maybe he also should have.

She was his and maybe she needed to be reminded of that.

He honestly was not sure what was right at the moment, he was just tired of thinking about what was right and what was not.

“Oga Kolapo, pesin dey find una for outside”

He sprung on his feet, curious to find out who was looking for him. As he neared the door, he hoped it was Oyin, that she had come back to her senses and realized that she should be settling the issue they had with him not with that Segun individual.

He opened the door and found Vanessa standing by it, a wide grin he almost found disturbing on her face.

“Hey there” she said and stepped into the house, a bottle of wine clutched in her hands. Vanessa crossed to the sitting area and took a seat immediately, eyeing the can of cheap beer lying on the floor.

“Hi Vanessa” Kolapo said, his eyes sweeping over her body. From the very first moment he saw her, he had thought she was too thin. She came across to him like she was on a mission to starve herself to death that coupled with the fact that she did not eat what the rest of the world ate.

“Hey. How are you feeling?” she asked, a deep look of concern clearly written on her beautiful face.

He shrugged, not entirely sure why she was asking. Or had Segun told her about the night before?

“I brought wine, but you have been drinking so maybe that is a bad idea” she said, clutching the wine as if scared to let go.

Kolapo smiled, “Thanks”

“How is your girlfriend, Oyin” she looked around the room, as if expecting Oyin to pop in from somewhere. “Is she here?”

He shook his head in response.

“Oh, I was hoping to catch her here”

“No, she is not here. Have you been to her house yet?”

Truth is she had not been to Oyin’s because she did not know where Oyin lived and because she had a plan that involved Kolapo not Oyin. At least not directly.

The night before after she had returned to Segun’s, she had drifted to sleep. When she woke up around 2am and found out that he was not home, she had called him to ask where he was.

He had told her he was with Oyin, in her house, helping her get through the ordeal of the night.

And that had angered Vanessa; he had abandoned her to go cater to another woman all night long.

So when an argument had ensued between her and Segun and he had hung up, she had vowed to find a means to ruin whatever friendship they had and psyche Kolapo up to man up and take his girlfriend back.

She was not going to fight Segun anymore or make Oyin the villain, she was simply going to put things in place that would then, naturally destroy everything between them.

And coming to Kolapo’s place was the first step of her huge plan.

“I don’t know her house…” she inched closer to Kolapo on the sofa, “See, truth is, I followed Segun here last night”

She could see the look of surprise on Kolapo’s face.

“When I knew he was coming to Oyin at that time of the night, I followed him without his knowledge to this place. And I saw how he treated you, not letting you come an inch close to your own woman”

Kolapo shrugged, a look that said “can you believe that” accompanying the shrug.

“That’s sick, Kolapo. Very sick and I don’t think you should take this bullshit. Not from your woman or my own man”

“So what do you think I should do?” he asked her, genuinely interested in her plans.

She smiled, knowing that the plan was going to be easier than she’d anticipated.


Adaeze had contemplated Vanessa’s call many times since she called her in the morning.

Alarm bells had started to ring immediately the first call came in, many questions popping into her mind all at once.

Why did she call her? Did she really want to discuss Segun or she wanted to lay an ambush?

She had immediately called Oyin but that one had not been picking and so she had gone anyway, because she was partly curious and because she did not have anything else to do really.

Vanessa had been sitting somewhere in the bar where she had asked for them to meet, a pair of expensive shades masking her eyes and a magazine in her hands.

“Hi Ada” she had said the moment she sighted Adaeze walking towards her. “Please sit” she said offering the other woman a seat.

Ada had been reluctant and so she said, “Just tell me the reason I am here”

“You would want to sit for this” Vanessa warned, a friendly smile on her face.

Ada rolled her eyes, “Biko talk. What is it?”

“Okay” Vanessa replied and put the magazine away. “It’s about Segun and Oyin”

“And what about them?”

“They are having a relationship, a sexual one.”

Adaeze gasped despite herself. Vanessa waved at the seat again, “Do you want to take that seat now?”


Friendzone HQ

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo




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  1. Jesu!!!

    Ok, Tomi, see…

    I know KP messed up ehn but let’s not kill him for this one misdeed.
    I really hope he’s truly remorseful and ready to get his relationship back on track.

    Segun needs to be a better human too.

    And this really is a lovely piece. Thumbs up, Madam

  2. Tomi,
    I have been a silent reader of your works all this while and the fluidity of the delivery in all your stories/ series is nothing but outstanding. You have a huge fan base in my office and we actually gist about your characters like its in real life. Lol!
    You are truly blessed!
    Well done!

    1. Obi, thanks so much! And nice one @ you and your colleagues at work. About time we have a fan fiction site o, so we can all discuss everything we want about these characters. Lol. Thanks, I appreciate it.

  3. Hummmmmm nawa for kp o o he messed up big time, to me I prefer segun to kolapo sa cos sum1 like kolapo can kill, as for vanessa ur plan will nt wrk u beta carry ur self n go back

  4. Hmmm beautiful piece. am a silent but constant reader. u are doing a good job and cant wait to get ‘the reunion’ on okadabooks. thanks for all stories. Vanessa will ‘jam’ heads together for sure. Kp messed up and shuld pay for it.

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