Eritrea’s New Marriage Laws: Men Forced To Have At Least 2 Wives

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Eritrea’s new marriage laws – A new law of mandatory polygamy has reportedly been passed in Eritrea, with male citizens now compelled to marry two wives.

Eritrea's new marriage laws
Eritrea’s new marriage laws

According to a memo allegedly posted by the Eritrean government, any man or woman who contested the law would face prison time.

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The post, which was written in Arabic and translated to English by activists, reads:

“Based on the law of God in polygamy, and given the circumstances in which the country is experiencing in terms of men shortage, the Eritrean department of Religious Affairs has decided on the following .”

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First that every man shall marry at least two women and the man who refuses to do so shall be subjected to life imprisonment with hard labour.

“The woman who tries to prevent her husband from marrying another wife shall be punished to life imprisonment,” alleges the activists in their translation.”

What do you think? Guys do you want to move to Eritrea?




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  1. Sure I support the idea to remove zina and that will improve the standard of the Muslim citizen.
    Also the punishment from Allah shall reduce as Zina was remove.
    The government should support the married couple.
    I wish was in this Muslim Country.

  2. LMAO The article is so stupid that it is hilarious! The sad part about this article (more like the writers fantasy) is that someone will actually believe it.

  3. the source is from Kenyan communication agents and as all of us know they are the lost people–remains with no culture,believe,religious and ethics in east Africa.those are the one leading with STI,corruptions,tribe discrimination,,in east africa.

    May be it can confuse for those who does not know the ethics,religious
    respect ion of eri

    Just assume it like a song—

  4. I suppose if this is true then it’s time for Eritreans, to engage with other nationalities. I believe they are known world wide not to let other men marry within their communities, even date their women due to non acceptance of their families.
    The time has come for their women to be more liberal and free to choose whom they want to settle down with rather than families arranging either a cousin or a wealthy man to marry their daughter.

    1. The aim here is to reduce the ration of 4:1 on the right way.
      No Muslim is refused to married anyone as long you follow the Islamic law.
      Actual for Muslim rich Man or Woman should marry poor Man/ Woman to remove poverty in Islam.

      Kindly do not put whole Kenya in fault for one person comment.

  5. Neil, where did u get ur facts that Eritrean girls marry to their cousins or wealthy men? :/… I’m sorry friendo u r in confusion.

  6. Every one should just stop making negative comments towards each other’s respective homelands and try to keep peace among ourselves. The real enemy are the people who try to demean our African cultures. These rumours of Eritrea mandating polygamy is false and demeaning to the culture, MY culture, so either the activists who relayed the information or the blogger must have had a different agenda like destroying the reputation of Eritrea. My homeland has been riddled with many different accusations from improper culture to their decision to develop the country on their own without outside help. This “blog” or “article” uncovers no real truth about the beauty of my homeland because it is just Anti-Eritrean propaganda. The negativity towards Eritrea and our people will soon come to pass and Eritrea will stand true. To all neighboring countries, may you never have to suffer from this and if you are then I hope it ends soon.

  7. These days anything is possible with the current dictatorial regime in Eritrea. Remember this same government is the one who imported hyenas from Kenya so that to scare and discourage the youth flow to Sudan and Ethiopia. Now what has been said could be possible as long as the dictator (Issayas Afewerki) is in power. Sorry to see this all we Eritreans do not deserve this but thanks to the dictator and his regime Eritreans will continue to suffer unless we do something.

  8. I think the matter is how eritrean passive this situation, sometimes we may found the majority accept that, bt other countries are compleining it does not make sense

  9. people wake up from your dreams this is a total lie Eritrean people have a good culture and religious people there is no such a thing what ever you hear or read in the media it doesn’t mean all is true.# proud to be Eritrean women!!!

  10. One should criticize the Eritrean government on many ways but to bring such baseless accusation is ironically sad, it takes the valueless of real criticism.

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