Eminem Loses His Daughter’s Mother & Sister-In-Law To Drug Overdose

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Eminem’s sis-in-law dies from drugs – The mother of Eminem’s adopted daughter, Alaina, Dawn Scott, was found dead in a park after a drug overdose.

Eminem's sis-in-law dies from drugs
Eminem’s sis-in-law dies from drugs

Dawn is also the twin-sister to Eminem’s wife, Kim, and had allowed the couple to adopt Alaina when she couldn’t take care of her.

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According to police in Warren, Michigan, 40-year old Dawn died of “an apparent heroin overdose, pending a toxicology test.”

In an interview only 4 months ago, Dawn had revealed that both Eminem and her sister hadn’t offered her any help whatsoever.

“I have a millionaire brother-in-law and a sister with money up the a**, but they’re refusing to give me any help,” Scott said in an interview with Radar Online.

“One night I called my sister and told her I had nowhere to go,” Scott told the website. “She said, ‘That’s not my problem. Don’t bother me,’ and hung up.”

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According to Scott’s long time friend Les Martin, Kim was not ready to help Dawn out in any capacity.

“I’ve been trying like hell to save her life,” Martin said. “I’ve had numerous conversations with Kim about trying to get her help and it just wasn’t a conversation she wanted to have.”



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