Editor Responsible For Eritrean ‘Forced Polygamy’ Story Sacked

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Editor Responsible For Eritrea Hoax ‘Forced Polygamy’ Story Sacked

The editor of the Standard Media Newspaper, who was responsible for the scathing and false publication which dealt a blow to the credibility and quality of African Journalism, has been sacked from his job.

Eritrea: Former Standard Media Group Digital Editor David Ohio. Image/Credit: Businesstoday
Eritrea: Former Standard Media Group Digital Editor David Ohio. Photo credit: Businesstoday

The editor, David Ohito, was transferred to another job for approving two hoax stories, Kenyan Media reports.

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The hoax was first published online on a Kenyan news site called Crazy Monday.

Crazy Monday, which is published by the Standard newspaper, is well known for its focus on scandalous stories and gossip as part of an attempt to attract a younger readership, says Mathias Muindi from the BBC’s media monitoring service.

‘‘Standard Group Digital Editor, David Ohito has tarnished the groups image and overall credibility and has been transferred to Kisumu to ‘put things in order’’, a statement published by Kenyan Business Today read.

It was gathered that Mr. Ohito was responsible for the approval of two misleading stories which are; The ban on mini-skirts in Tanzania and compulsory polygamy in Eritrea.

Meanwhile, the authorities of Eritrea have been angered by the satirical story, which was shared across Africa, claiming that ‘Eritrean men were ordered to marry at least two wives’.

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Speaking to BBC, an Eritrean official said: “Even a madman in [the Eritrean capital] Asmara would know that this story was not true.”

The story claimed that to make up for the shortage of men in the country following the civil war with Ethiopia from 1998-2000, every man must marry at least two women or face imprisonment.

The misleading story set social media abuzz in Nigeria, and other countries, for several days as netizens shared their different views.



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