Ciara Gets Sweet On Instagram, Boyfriend Russell Wilson Responds

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Relationship goals and all the love we want but Ciara has it all. The American singer, and mother-of-one has been proudly flaunting her love for her boyfriend, Russell Wilson everywhere. He’s all over her Instagram feed and he returns the love too.

We love it, we want it, we just hope it lasts though cos after all the PDAs and then breakup happens, nah, that ain’t right.

Ciara captioned this

My Love. I am So Proud Of You! What A Phenomenal Season It’s Been. You Never Cease To Amaze Me With Your Faith, Will, Integrity, Resilience, and Courage. You Always Find A Way To Make Things Happen When It Seems Absolutely Impossible! Constantly Inspiring Me and Others Around. A Rare Breed You Are. My Champ. The Best Is Yet To Come. I Love You ❤️ #GoHawks #3

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Russell Responds with an endearing comment


Sweetest thing I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful for the loving, sweet, standup woman you are.. Love you #TrueLove

When asked about the PDAs, a fan had this to say, ”Both of them had bad breakups prior to this one. Let them live and let them love, some of yall act like they owe you money. Whether they make it or not that’s their business and it’s their Social media accounts to share it with their fans”.

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Another said, ”I love the timing. They on some fuck the haters ish and I love it.” ”I don’t understand what guys want her to do. Live alone and never see him until they get married??? Ahh, no. Clearly she has been able to find herself a good man who is also good to her son so why not spend time together? Future should be happy she found herself a stand up dude and everyone else should just let her live.”

Though Russell lost him game on Sunday to Carolina panthers, he’s winning with Ciara. It’s speculated tat rival team Carolina panthers trolled on Russell by playing Future’s songs back to back before the beginning of the game. Lol, that couldn’t have messed with Russell’s head now, could it?!

Last we heard, Ciara and her Bae haven’t had sex yet.




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