Chris Brown Investigated For Battery & Theft

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Chris Brown investigated for theft

A woman has accused singer Chris Brown of assaulting her and stealing her phone after they had a run-in on Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chris Brown investigated for theft
Chris Brown investigated for theft

The woman had told police that the incident had begun when she had tried to take a picture of the With You singer, and she showed injuries on her face of where she had been battered.

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“The victim was alleged to have been battered by Brown, who at the same time took her cell phone,” a police statement read.

“A verbal altercation took place as the victim was escorted out of the room by private security and into the hallway.”

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“The LVMPD has not heard from Mr. Brown regarding this incident and the investigation remains on going,” the release added

“A crime report has been taken for misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor battery Mr. Brown as a suspect.”



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