Chris Brown Gets Ultimate Revenge On Woman Who Claimed He Assaulted Her

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown is not playing.

The superstar singer is taking steps to ensuring that he does not get more haters coming for him this year.

A woman named Liziane Gutierrez claimed weeks ago that Chris Brown assaulted her while clubbing in popular LA club, 1OAK. Of course, everyone was quick to judge the Singer because of his past. However, Chris at the time posted an Instagram message which led many to believe the woman was lying.

Well, if you needed more proof about that, the Loyal singer has given you.

According to reports, 1OAK has forever banned the woman who claimed Chris assaulted her. She was allegedly at the popular club earlier in the week and was denied entry. Reports claim that this can happen because Breezy is a regular at this popular spot and, is close friends with the owner of the club.

Well, looks like Ms Liziane won’t be seeing the insides of a 1OAK club ever again.



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