Chris Brown Denies Giving Royalty Asthma: Singer Denies Baby Mama’s Smoking Claims

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown denies giving Royalty asthma – Chris Brown has denied allegations by his baby mama, Nia Guzman, that his habit of smoking around their daughter Royalty, has given her asthma.

Chris Brown denies giving Royalty asthma
Chris Brown denies giving Royalty asthma

Nia had claimed that whenever Royalty had returned to her from the singer’s place, she always reeked asthma, and has now developed the respiratory complication.

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Nia now wants a judge to restrict Breezy’s visitation, and of course, increase her child support from $2,500 to $16,000.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Brown denied the allegations, claiming it was just a ploy by Guzman to get more money from him.

He wrote: “Absolutely untrue. I quit cigarettes on New Years. NO ONE smokes around my daughter. This is obviously a play to get some sort of increased income. I take care of my daughter and I would never ever put her in a position that will harm her. I’m so sick and tired of negative people trying to use me and slander me.”

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“All this annoying bs, everybody knows what they do in these street. My daughter is my pride and joy and I will not be played because my lifestyle is different from the other parties involved. This really has to stop. My daughter is the youngest in her class and the most advanced.”

“My mother and I have made sure my daughter is constantly learning and being creative as well as her safety. I won’t do the back and forth negative things so I’ll just say god bless whoever is struggling and needs to use me to better their life even though I fulfill my duties as a father. ❤️”



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