Bobby Shmurda: Rapper Actually Worth $427k Not $20Million

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Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda seems to be getting it worse.

As reports continue to emerge about the possibility of the Rapper staying longer behind bars, we have come to learn that the reason his bail has been set high is because of his presumed net worth.

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After he was detained, Bobby Shmurda’s bail was set to $2million dollars, an amount he did not seem to be able to produce. And everything to get the Judge to lower the bail has been futile. Just a little over a month ago, Shmurda’s family attempted to use their house as collateral to bail him out.

That however proved to be unsuccessful.

And now his Lawyer is trying hard to reduce the amount set for bail.

According to the Lawyer, the bail was set that high in the first place because Bobby Shmurda’s net worth was “grossly exaggerated”.

Contrary to the twenty million dollars declared, Shmurda is actually allegedly worth an amount closer to four hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars.

So, his Lawyer is trying to get his bail to be reduced drastically say between fifty thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars. Something he would be able to afford.

Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer, Alex Spiro according to TMZ, has however said they would keep trying, even if they have to do it 55 times



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