Beyonce Reportedly Delaying Next Album So Adele Can Have “Her Time To Shine”

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Well according to reports, Beyonce is delaying her next studio album because of Adele.

While this might sound ridiculous to you, the Queen Bee is reportedly holding back her already completed album because she wants Adele to “have her time to shine”.

After her surprise album in 2o13, the Grammy Award winning Singer is said to have completed her sixth album and has had it all together since the end of 2015.

However, she has been holding on to this material because after a while, Adele chose to drop her album and Bey did not want her (Adele) to share the spotlight with anyone.

Sounds gracious.

While no particular date has been set yet for Beyonce’s album, it is however being rumored to be announced next month at the Super Bowl.

Excited about new Beyonce material?



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