Baller Alert: Man Wants Ex-Wife To Pay 800 Grand Child Support Monthly

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Today is a wonderful day. If no one is dragging you to court for anything, then today is a good day for you too.

Imagine owing a person eight-hundred-and-sixty-thousand-nine-hundred-and-twenty-five naira, N816,925.00? The worst part, is it’s someone you used to look in the eyes and say I love you babe to. Today he is dragging you to court asking you to pay him to take care of the surrogate baby you both made.


One of those stories that make you scared of marriage.

Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally had been married for two years before they decided to call it quits. Preceeding their divorce, Sherri and Lamar agreed to have a baby via a surrogate.

Now the marriage has hit the rocks, Sherri wants nothing to do with the baby since it isn’t hers biologically. She even refuses to pay child support. This decision leaves Lamar with sole custody of the baby as well as the financial and medical expenses of the child. Lamar be like, nah you gon pay.

One for the ballers.



Sherri claims her refusal for paying child support is due to Lamar’s deliberate intent to scam her by getting a surrogate to carry their baby. His major reason for the action is to gain access to the fat child support check the moment he knew they were divorcing.

Well, Lamar is going to get that check after all — because an appeal court agreed with the lower court’s decision that Sherri was fully on board with the surrogate plan and in fact, paid for most of the process.




So far the point for Sherri is, she’ll continue with the terms of their settlement … paying $4,100 (N816,925.oo) per month until the infant hits 13 — then it’s $4,600. Easy life for Lamar. Cruel life for the baby. Hard life for Sherri.

Don’t know who’s right or wrong in this battle.

Looks like she has been crying. 

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