An Average Guy’s Guide To Dealing With A Nagging Girlfriend

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9 out of 10 times, you’d probably choose to stand in front of a fun than deal with a nagging girlfriend. Nagging is as irritating as it gets and if you’re one of those unfortunate men that had the wonderful privilege of falling for a nagging woman, it’s is important you get it under control before it pushes you to the brink. Truth be told however, there are times when women are entirely justified by their nagging and it only becomes a serious problem when it begins to hinder the development of your relationship. I’ve been in the unenviable position of dating a woman that practically nags about everything and I learnt a few things that can come in handy if you’re in that position.



Listen To All She Says
A lot of the times, women tend to nag when they feel they are being ignored. The best thing to do here is to listen to her when she talks no matter how inconvenient it may be for you at that moment. After listening (or pretending to listen when your mind is on that premiership game), find time and sit down with her to talk about whatever issues she’s concerned about. After settling whatever she’s concerned about, explain to her why she shouldn’t interrupt any future football game.

Determine What She Wants

The best way to do this is to ask her what she wants. It could be she’s upset about you flirting with other girls or she wants you to spend more time with her. Whatever it is, ask her and listen to what she has to say.


Promise Less
Agreeing with her when she’s nagging will cause more harm than good. When you don’t do what you agreed to do when she was nagging, you’d make her angrier and more upset. The ideal thing to do is listen to what exactly she wants you to do and if you don’t agree, simply say no or find a middle point. If you agree to what she’s saying, simply do as you’ve promised and that would probably be the end of the nagging.

Tell Her Stuff
Women hate being in the dark about whatever is happening to their men. If she doesn’t know what’s happening with you, chances are she’d repeatedly ask you which you may misconstrue as nagging. Update her about every new thing in your life so that she won’t be caught up off guard and she’d respect and see you more as a man of your words.

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Make Your Responses Subtle when she’s nagging, don’t tell her out rightly to stop nagging. A good number of women hate to nag as much as you hate it too. When you’re arguing with her, simply make your criticisms as constructive and subtle as possible. Tell her you’d do what she asks in your own time and that when she repeatedly nags you about it, it makes you feel she distrusts you and believes you wouldn’t do what you promised to do. Whatever you tell her should be about your the way you feel and never about her wrongdoings.

Spend More Time With Her
Chances are she’s nagging you because she feels you’re not giving her as much attention as you should and you may need to spend more time with her. Take her out to the cinemas, beach or any other fun place you know of. Do the things she enjoys with her as your time may be all she needs.

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Now that’s how a real G puts a stop to his nagging girlfriend. If you put your back into it, she’d probably change and your relationship would be better for it. If not, you may want to reconsider.



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