Abby’s Diary #9 By Fiksionist

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Here is Abby’s Diary…with a twist. Enjoy!

Dear Diary,

This is Ogama not Abby. Hehehehehehe! (That’s my witch laughter)

Well, our girl Abby is touring with her boo. She is currently in Paris with him for some sort of training class for pilots. You know he is a pilot right? I hope she told you so that you wouldn’t say you heard it from me. She has virtually moved to the resort. I just tire for Abigail; she and Sexy ( that’s what she calls him) are only about a month old and she is head over heels in love. That’s the thing about her that I hate so much. She has a heart as large as Christ’s but sense as small as that of an ant. If you like tell her, she knows I am the last person to lie to her.

Mehn, that’s her business. Let me tell you what my business is:

Julius. Oga Julius aka Mr. Small Hands.

He hasn’t called or texted. I won’t lie to you, I feel sorta bad. I feel fucked up. I miss him.

After our fight, I have just been partying hard, hoping to forget but I just can’t seem to. It’s strange that a guy like him has me sprung. Meanwhile, my friend with benefits – Tekena – has almost destroyed my phone with BBM messages about hooking up or hanging out and when I told the hooligan that it’s over, he started crying on the phone, saying he wants us to start something serious. I just told him to gerrarahere! Did he just realise that or is he on hemp? Whatever his poison is he should drink it and just die than trying to cry to win my emotions.

See ehn, Abby keeps saying that I change men like diapers but I can’t condone a man who feels he has some sort of remote control over my life…maybe it’s just Julius that is making me soft sef. Because Abby is globetrotting, there is only one other person in the whole wide world that could understand me and so, I called him.

“Hey Dad.”

“Hello baby. You don’t sound okay.”

The man knows me so well. “I want us to talk. Can I come over?”

“Is that a question?”

I laughed a little. “Is mum in? Did she cook Sunday rice?”

“ Yes ma. Just come over.”

He hung up and I immediately dressed up in a tank top and denim. My dad really hates this team natural thing; he said it makes me look razz. Those were his exact words-razz. So I packed my full grown virgin hair in a bun and stepped out feeling already excited about seeing my folks.

From the gate, I could smell my mother’s Sunday rice and my stomach growled. As soon as I got in, I greeted my mum and said hi to the maids before going to the study to see my dad. He was hunched over some papers, studying them seriously.Just seeing him made my eyes teary. I hadn’t been home in months.

“Daddy!” I rushed into his open arms, and he gave me the warmest hug. I settled on his laps like I used to when I was a kid and he pushed away a strand of hair from my face before taking off his reading glasses to scrutinize me.

“You have even lost weight. Why don’t you move back home Ogama?”

“Cause I don’t want to miss out on my youth.”

He shook his head and laughed. “You have always been the wild one. I am just glad you completed your Masters. When you are done with this craziness, let me know. The offer at the company is still open. Oya, get up from my aching laps” He said laughing.

“But you just said I have lost weight. Daddy!”

“Yes you have but your bones where hurting me.” We both laughed and he led me to the leather couch in the room. After asking about my modelling and styling career, we settled into the matter at hand.

“It’s Julius Dad. I cheated on him. I think he is really hurt and would not talk to me anymore. I know you really liked him.”

“Is it about what I like or how you feel about him?”

“A bit of both.”

He heaved a sigh and then wore his glasses. “You know why I like Julius?”



“Cause he is boring.”

He laughed. “You are so free spirited Ogama and you remind me of me in my 20’s. I am scared too and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. It was your mother that saved me from myself. She helped me feel unafraid of facing the fact that I can’t be young forever and throw caution to the wind all the time. Ogama, there’s nothing wrong in being in a ‘real’ relationship.”

“But Julius is…he is so different from the kind of men I like.”

“I don’t think Julius will kill your spirit but will help you in channelling it to something better. The big question is, do you love him? Are you sure it’s love?”

“Dad I dunno. I have always wanted a man that loves and accepts me like you.”

“I hope you know that is virtually impossible.”

“Sad but true.”

He pinched my nose. “ You will figure it out Ogama. Just give him some time. Cheating is wrong and it will-“

“I didn’t really cheat on him ‘cause I’ve never said yes to Julius.”

“Then why do you feel bad?”

To be honest, I don’t know if I feel bad because I miss his company or if there is something deeper. I just know that I should apologise and make him understand that Tekena really meant nothing to me.

I left my parents’ late and to get myself out of the torture, I stopped by Julius’s house. I tried rehearsing a small speech as I rapped a knock on his door. I heard foot-steps and with a practiced smile, I started to say something when the door opened and a woman with a glowing smile, dressed in a fitting black gown stood before me.

“Hi. Are you looking for someone?”

I swallowed and with one glance, I summarised her-desperate for marriage, cute but in a womany way and definitely not Julius’s type. “Hi. I am Ogama.” I stretched my hand for a handshake and also noticed her glowing smile disappeared. I didn’t expect Julius to move on this fast but the challenge pumped crazy adrenaline into my blood. I love games. I live for these sorta games. “Is Julius in?”

“Yes. I will tell him-“

“Who is there?” it was Julius’s voice. I pulled out my most enchanting smile and pulled up my padded bra to enhance my cleavage. Call me cheap but in the game of hearts, I play to win.

“What do you want?”

It was Julius who stood by the door now and immediately I froze, searching his eyes for the affection that was a constant in his eyes before today but I saw nothing. I didn’t give up; I made sure my smile matched my words as I said ‘hi’ in my most sexy voice.

He leaned forward and rubbed his neck before responding. “Hello Gamzie.”

“Won’t you let me in?” I purposely drooled over my words, leaned in a bit into him but he took a step back.

“Gamzie, please leave. Don’t make this about you.”

“Julius let’s just-“

“Let’s just nothing Gamzie. I am done wasting my time. Just go…please”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Just one fight and you are acting all pissed and stuff. So you will rather move on than fight for what you want?”

He rubbed his temples “I am done fighting. I am done”

I plastered a smile on my face. “ You will come back Julius. Waste a little time with the lady and then come back for the real deal.”

I took what was left of my pride and walked away. It was time to roll my sleeves and draw up Plan B.

I am going to get Julius back. I have to get him back.



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