Abby’s Diary #7 By Fiksionist

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I really want to say I am grateful for all the comments and support I have had. You all have been amazing. To all the ghost readers who leave no comments,God is watching you on HD 3D

  Read,enjoy and please comment. I’d love to know your thoughts.

Dear Diary,

Soft mattress…feather-like pillows…serenity…chirping birds…

Where am I? I tried opening my eyes but I was afraid the dream I was in would be snatched away from me.  My eyes weighed a ton and in my half-asleep, half-awake state, I tried remembering how I got to this mysterious place.

I left work…got home…no! I didn’t get home…I went somewhere…ermmm…Bheerhugz!Yes, Bheerhugz…Tayo is engaged…and then something else happened…but I can’t remem-

SHIT! I can remember!!!

My eyes flew open and I sprang up, only to realise that I was naked. I hurriedly pulled up the duvet to cover up my nudity before someone walked in.  Abigail what have you done?! Shit! One night stand? I looked around for my phone and found it on a night stand but it was off. Immediately I turned it on and messages flew in from annoying network providers who won’t let me rest with their 30225 messages to Ogama’s messages. Missed calls form Aunty Alero, Mr.Vincent, Ogama and Julius made me feel confused on who to call back first. Jeez! Work! I totally forgot.

Abigail, breathe.

I inhaled and exhaled and then sat up in bed, using the duvet to ward off the cold from the air-conditioner. At this point, I realised I was alone in the room and tried to take in my environment.  I wish I could take a picture but my Blackberry battery begged me not to. From the bed to the walls, everything was white except for the black patterns on the wall which gave the room that touch of class and comfort. I wrapped the duvet round my body and curiosity led me to walk through the sliding doors, leading to a terrace with white cushioned bamboo chairs. I leaned on the balcony and what I saw took my breathe away; it was a beach, lined up with palm trees and the kind of serenity that enveloped the beach was heavenly. And i thought to myself, If I am alive,then I am in heaven.

I am sure you think I am dreaming but believe me, I thought so too until I heard a knock on the door.  I walked back into the room and searched around for my clothes. Did I come here naked ni? The person knocked again and I hurriedly picked up a black robe lying on the bed.

“Come in!”

A uniformed maid walked in. “Good morning ma.”

Ma ke? “Good morning.”

“Oga said I should ask you what you will have for breakfast. Will you like a six course breakfast?”

Six course breakfast? What the hell is that? Did I die and go to heaven? I pull the robe tighter around me. “Errm… where is your Oga?”

“Oga? You mean Captain?” she looked confused.

“Captain? Well… I mean…”

“Captain Jake. His name is Captain Jake. I thought-“

“Yes! Jake!” I almost break into a dance when she mentioned his name. I had totally forgotten his name. “Where is he please?”

“Ma, he has travelled. I thought you knew.” Travelled ke? As in, he just travelled like that? I am sure she saw the panic on my face because she stepped closer.

“His driver is ready to take you home when you are ready and your clothes have been dry cleaned. It’s in the walk-in closet, first drawer by your right.”  The way she sounded seemed like I was not the first person who had woken up in this bed alone.

“Thank you very much. I didn’t get your name?”

“Sarah, ma”

“Thank you Sarah” She directed me to the walk-in closet and although it was empty, I noticed it was as large as my room on the Mainland. I dressed up and got into to the elevator with the driver who had come upstairs to direct me. I felt a thousand emotions as we drove out of the ‘heavenly place’ which I figured is a resort. In the car, I texted Mr. Vincent, telling him I am sick and wouldn’t be at work.

The traffic was terrible but I couldn’t care less. My mind was occupied with what I did last night and contemplated if I should call Tayo and just ask him why he didn’t choose me. Wasn’t I good enough? If my weight was such an issue, why didn’t he tell me?

I eventually got home and immediately I got in, Ogama bombarded me with questions. “Babe what happened? Did Tayo call? Why aren’t you at work? Have you called Aunty Alero? Babe talk nau!”

I settled into the couch and buried my head in my hands. Dear Diary, I felt empty, it felt like I was sinking, like there was nothing to make it go away…the pain, the one that hurt deep inside my heart that made me feel like dying.  I narrated everything to Ogama amidst tears and incoherent words. It hurt so much to know that I had given 8 years of my life to someone who gave his love to someone else. Ogama didn’t  say a word, she just listened and rubbed my back. I can’t tell how long we were at the same spot but I knew I had cried so hard and also knew that that was the last time I’d cry that hard for Tayo. Never again.

“Babe I know you are really upset about Tayo but you don’t have to feel so bad about this Jake guy o. We all do stupid things once in a while but you have to go to the clinic and run a series of tests, protection or not.”

“Yea.” I said “Errrmm… but how was it?” Ogama asked. I saw the mischief on her face but pretended not to notice.  “You know now…how was the ehem?

I bursted into laughter. Ogama is just relentless. “Babe to be honest…I can pretend that I was tipsy but that guy is a lover. Jeez! I think he is in his 40’s or so but gosh…”

“Wow! My girl is goshing! So it was that good? Babe I think it was worth it then.”  She said with a wink.

We both laugh and she pulls me into a tight hug. “Abigail, you will meet your prince-charming and it will be worth the wait.”

“Thank you babe. Love you so much” I honestly don’t know what I will do without Ogama. ****************************** **********************

Weeks flew by and finally, it was the week we had to launch the Lagos Arise project. I had been so busy and barely had time to do any other thing especially with Queen B and her demons taunting me day and night for reports and exhausting meetings.

Tayo was on my mind but fleetingly. Guess who I thought about more often these days? Jake.  I thought about Jake in my idle moments and sometimes shivered anytime I remember how he kissed me in his car that night. Isn’t it strange to want something that you never really had? I tried to forget about our magical night; how hard I had laughed that night, how he had held me in his arms and how cool it was to see him laugh at my silly jokes. Yes, one night is so damn short to fantasize but is it bad to want more?

It was Friday and all I wanted was to get home and watch The Wedding Ringer with Ogama. She had agreed to get popcorn while I get ice-cream and Maltesers. The thought alone of spending the night at home made me pack up in spite of Queen B’s red face. Whatever abeg!

I got home after arguing with a conductor for my fifty naira change. Imagine the agbero telling me that Ikeja to Stadium is N200? In short, that is news for another day.

As I walked through our rusted white gate, I saw Ogama outside with someone. I could  see the man’s silhouette from the street lights but I couldn’t make out the face. “Ogama what’s up?”

“Babe someone is here to see you”

Before I could ask, ‘the someone’ she was with turned around. It wasn’t his face but thatvoice. The one I heard in Bheerhugz that night.

“Hi Abby.”

My mouth felt dry, my heart beat skipped uncontrollably and I wished so bad  I had applied make-up before leaving the office.At least lip-balm.

“Hi Jake”



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  1. Am really enjoying dis episode badly. Like seriously I hv been a ghost reader decided to comment so God will stop watching me on HD 3D lol!!!! Keep it up dearie

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